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RUSH: Last night on CNN’s Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer talked to The Forehead about the Dow Jones Industrial Average. He said, ‘When you saw that nearly 1,000-point drop mid-afternoon today in the stock market, what did you think politically could be the result of that?’

BEGALA: Democrats can run on this, and here’s how. Republicans want to privatize Social Security. The top Republican on the House budget committee, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, has a proposal out there just like the one President Bush put forward to take 25% of our Social Security, invest it in the stock market with Bernie Madoff and Goldman Sachs and these guys that lost 900 points for a time today, I think Democrats can run on that and say look, America, if you want to invest your Social Security in the stock markets, vote for the Republicans. If you want Social Security to be safe, vote for Democrats.

RUSH: (laughing) Now, there’s an easy response to this, but whether or not we have the courage and the guts to do it… Has Warren Buffett gone broke, Forehead? Pete Peterson and the Blackstone group, have they gone broke? Is Goldman Sachs broke, Forehead? Has Steve Schwartzman, Republican, has he gone broke? Is Tim Geithner broke? These guys to want portray Social Security and the stock market as the end of your investment. That’s where you’re going to lose money is the stock market, and the only time that could possibly be true is during the regime’s administration.


RUSH: So Paul Begala says the stock market is Bernie Madoff. No! Social Security is Bernie Madoff. Social Security is the Ponzi scheme. Let me ask: Do you think that the Forehead does not have his retirement fund invested on Wall Street? You think so? You think it’s a pretty good bet that The Forehead has an investment portfolio and that it’s invested somewhere, the same place that the Social Security funds would be? Do you think that The Forehead is putting all of his eggs in the Social Security basket? Hardly. So it’s okay for elites like The Forehead to have their retirement funds in the stock market — the commodities market, the bond market, wherever they have their money — but somehow for average Americans, can’t have that.

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