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Rush’s Morning Update: A Chance
May 7, 2010

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California voters will have a chance to help their beleaguered state in abig way come November. Supporters have gathered enough signatures to get a proposition on the statewide ballotto suspend the 2006 Global Warming Solutions Act.

If the proposition passes, it would stop the state from implementing draconian emissions caps on power plants and oil refineries that are scheduled to go into effect in 2012. Passage would benefit just about every resident of the stateby keeping energy costs– and job losses — from exploding. When California’s global warming law was passed in 2006, statewide unemployment was under 5 percent; today, it’s almost 13 percent.

Leading the effort to put the wacko law on hold, the California Jobs Initiative submitted some 800,000 signatures, almost double the required number to give voters a chance to weigh in. Naturally, liberals are fuming — including Governor Schwarzenegger.

Despite all the evidence that the global warming agenda is based on fraud(the leaked emails from scientists admitting they cooked the books, the phony computer models),liberals insist on punishing America with cap-and-tax schemes that will further cripple the economy. Just like in the health care debate, massive voter opposition has been ignored.

Well, at least in California, the people who pay the price can finally put a stop to this madness. If they fail to do so, they only have themselves to blame.

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