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RUSH: All right, folks, I need to issue a warning or make an explanation here. This is a totally — I don’t know what, biorhythms, karma, I don’t know what it is, but nothing about this day is making sense to me. I’m not sure that I’m actually conscious and awake, living in a dream here. (interruption) No, no, no. I don’t know how to explain this. But in the news today, I’ve got all kinds of people saying this and that. None of what anybody thinks is interesting is interesting to me. And the stuff that does interest me, I’m still not sure why it does. So this is going to be very, very weird today because I look at the stacks of stuff here and maybe in five stacks I got three things here I really care about. The rest of it is, ‘Okay I gotta do a service here and get involved in this because this is news that needs to be discussed, analyzed as only I can,’ but it’s tough to explain here. It’s not that I don’t care about it. It’s that I’m confused. I’ve got all kinds of people all fired up about all kinds of stuff and I can’t for the life of me understand why. (interruption) No, Snerdley, I do get confused at times. It’s just that I never admit it. Here I am admitting it.

Anyway, Rush Limbaugh here, the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, telephone number is 800-282-2882.

I’ll give you an example. There’s a column today in the New York Daily News. Michael Daly wondering why we have not been told the names of the customs officers that pulled Nosehair Shadegg, whatever his name is, off the airplane, Faisal Shahzad. We’ve met the T-shirt vendor, we’ve met the cops, we’ve met everybody, this guy is wondering why we haven’t met the customs guys. I couldn’t care less why we haven’t met the customs guys, I don’t understand why anybody cares about it. The only thing I can come up with is that the administration is trying to say they were on the case from moment one, when they weren’t, that really blind luck is all that enabled us to get hold of this guy for his bomb not to go off, and maybe they’re not introducing us to the customs guys because doing so would focus on how little the administration actually did. But that’s not news. This administration looks at all of this as an annoyance. Anything that gets in the way of advancing the transformation of American society and the transformation of our economy is simply an inconvenience to them. Terrorism is an inconvenience, Afghanistan’s an inconvenience, they really rather not have to deal with it and when they do deal with it they’d rather not have to talk about it. They just want to take credit for everything when it goes right, when they had nothing to do with it.

Here’s an LA Times story that we would never see if a Republican were in the White House. Now, let me put this in perspective. This oil spill in the Gulf, the media, the administration and their allies have been talking about this as an apocalyptic disaster, right? It’s bad. It is horrible. It is, oh, my God, this is going to destroy so many things, what are we going to do? Here’s the LA Times headline: ‘Oil Spill Seen as Energy Opportunity for Obama.’ Now, you and I all know that he does look at every crisis as an opportunity to expand his power and to grow the government, there’s no question about it, but here you have the media actually pointing out that in an encouraging way. ‘The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico could give the president new momentum for his stalled climate bill, environmentalists say. ‘He needs a response which is as big as the spill is,’ said Wesley Warren, program director for the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington.’

So here you have a bunch of environmentalist wackos who are supposedly distraught and just beside themselves over the ecological disaster here and the destruction and they see an opportunity for Obama to advance more legislation to give him more power and control and expand the federal government. They’re exposing their agenda right before our very eyes. They’re not doing anything to hide it here, and the media falling right in line with this. We’ve had 11 deaths here, but let’s say 9/11 happens again and the media says, ‘This is a great opportunity for Obama to burnish his skills as an anti-jihad, pro-American president,’ or what have you. Maybe one of the things that’s bothering me today is that I don’t feel like I’m in my country. Remember that piece we had the other day where somebody said, ‘I finally figured out how I feel like a foreign force is occupying our country, none of it seems comfortable or familiar.’

There’s a story out there that yesterday, Cinco De Mayo, some American school kids wearing T-shirts or clothes with the American flag were sent home. Can you imagine on the Fourth of July if a bunch of Hispanic students show up at an American high school wearing a Mexican flag they’d be sent home? No, I’m not kidding, they were sent home, three or four students were sent home or told to change clothes because on Cinco De Mayo they were wearing a T-shirt with the American flag on it. Now, you know damn well that on July 4th, there’s no school on July 4th but if on July 4th some Hispanic student showed up somewhere with a Mexican flag, do you think they’d be sent away or sent home? No. So we’ve got this tragedy out here in the Gulf, and everybody’s looking at it as an opportunity for Obama to advance more power and legislation to control the country. Nobody’s concerned about the effects of the spill. Some of the media are taking great steps here to blame Dick Cheney for this. So what we’re learning here is that when there is genuine destruction, they don’t care.

They’re illustrating and telling us without a doubt what the real agenda is here. ‘Oh, yeah, we got a big spill out there, we got a massive explosion, why, this is going to really help. Maybe we can cement the idea of no more oil wells, no more drilling by Americans anywhere around the world, especially in our own territory, and an opportunity for Obama to get new momentum for his stalled climate bill.’ Now, if you have to say that Obama needs new momentum, you’re admitting he doesn’t have any. So a crisis that is doing great harm to this country and the people of this country is looked at as an opportunity, for the president of the United States to capitalize on a disaster to advance an agenda. So it really doesn’t matter to me why I don’t know the names of the customs guys that took the jihadist off the plane. And when we have American kids with an American flag on Cinco De Mayo kicked out of school, it doesn’t really matter to me who the customs guys are or a lot of other things. I’ve got the stuff in the stack here, and we’re going to get to all of it. Some of it’s funny, some of it’s hilarious, some of it is eye opening.

‘While Oil Slick Spread, Interior Department Chief of Staff Rafted with Wife on ‘Work-Focused’ Trip in Grand Canyon.’ This is ABC News’ Jake Tapper. ‘Though his agency was charged with coordinating the federal response to the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico…’ and they were on this at day one, don’t forget, they say the Coast Guard was there. The Coast Guard is down there every day. The fact that they show up doesn’t mean Obama called anyone. Obama didn’t do anything for 12 days. And after 12 days, they’re surveying this, ‘How can we turn this to our advantage? How can we turn damage, destruction, loss of animal life, loss of economic opportunity for Gulf fishermen, how can we turn this into a political opportunity for the president of the United States? That’s what’s got everybody salivating in the media, all excited, maybe Obama can rebound here, maybe we got the climate bill back on track, cap and trade, yeah, all based on a hoax.

‘Though his agency was charged with coordinating the federal response to the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Department of the Interior chief of staff Tom Strickland was in the Grand Canyon with his wife last week participating in activities that included white-water rafting, ABC News has learned. Other leaders of the Interior Department were focused on the Gulf, joined by other agencies and literally thousands of other employees. But Strickland’s participation in a trip that administration officials insisted was ‘work-focused’ raised eyebrows among other Obama administration officials and even within even his own department, sources told ABC News.’ The top official in charge of analyzing terror threats did not cut short his ski vacation after the Fruit of Kaboom Bomber nearly blew up an airliner on Christmas Day. See, this stuff is just an annoyance to them or an opportunity. They’re either on ski trips or they’re rafting in the Grand Canyon, ‘work related.’


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I was just making a point here about the customs officials. I know exactly what’s going on here. They want bureaucrat heroes. They want to fight the perception that government employees aren’t of any use. Remember, that’s one of the things that Clinton said, that the right is trying to criminalize government employees, remember? He’s out there doing all this. So these customs and border protection guys are heroes — that’s what the administration wants to convey — for doing their jobs. Now, you know, I run into customs people all the time, and 99.9% of them are salt of the earth, some of the greatest people I’ve ever run into. So the administration trying to keep these names under wraps is precisely because they’re trying to downplay the fact that the Obama administration had nothing to do with foiling the plot. They were the last to arrive at the party. That’s why. It’s very simple.


RUSH: Another Emirates Airline flight, ladies and gentlemen, has been called back to the gate at JFK airport because of a security concern. Sources tell NBC Eyeball News ‘that Emirates flight 204 was ready to take off for Dubai when it was told to return to the gate. Customs and border protection blocked the plane from taxi on the runway and there are reports the flight was asked to return because a passenger on board is on the federal no-fly list.’ This must be the white male in his forties that they found on videotape in Times Square on Saturday. I’m sure they’ve been looking for this guy. By the way, a lot of people said, ‘Rush, look at the smiling picture of this jihadist. They always put the smiling picture of this guy, Shahzad, on there. Where’s his mug shot?’ Federal mug shots are not permitted to be broadcast. Federal mug shots are not released. I asked Andy McCarthy that question this morning. The answer is a federal charge is a serious thing, it can be damaging to your reputation. They don’t release mug shots. That’s why we’re seeing the smiling family man shot of — (interruption) well, state charges. But it’s a DOJ thing, it’s a long-standing thing. They don’t release federal mug shots, other than at trial after conviction, is what I was told. So another Emirates jet stopped prior to takeoff at JFK because somebody on board was on the no-fly list. Now, this guy has been on the no-fly list since 2009. I’m sure it’s this forties white male guy that was changing his shirt that they have been desperately looking for to hang this crime on.

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