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RUSH: We’ll start in Cave Creek, Arizona. Susie, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: As a citizen of Arizona and a citizen of the United States of America, I am outraged that Arrogant Al [Sharpton] flies into our state, whips a crowd up into a frenzy, marching down the street singing ‘We are human! We have rights!’ when I doubt very seriously if he has even looked at our immigration bill that was carefully crafted by conscience legislators to follow the federal law down to the crossed T and dotted I. I am outraged. I wonder if the man went and sat with the widows of policemen who have been killed by illegal aliens. I wonder if he went down to the border and talked to the ranchers who have been terrorized for years and their properties trashed by the drug runners that are murdering people in this state. I think it’s a compassionate law, because every day on the news, the police are going into these houses that they call ‘drop houses’ that the coyotes have just left these poor people in — and they have no food and no water, and 50 to 60 people in a home. They can’t speak English, don’t know where to go, what to do. Trucks are stopped on our highways all the time crammed full with illegals. No air-conditioning. It’s almost a hundred degrees here in Arizona. I am sick and tired of these people who think that Arizona is biased and racist. Anybody who knows me can tell you that I don’t have a biased or racist bone in my body. But this bill is necessary.

RUSH: Yeah. Everything you say is exactly true, except — well, no ‘except.’ But the point is: Reverend Sharpton doesn’t care what the bill says. He doesn’t care about the circumstances that you just described. None of that is relevant to him. What you are the victim of is an orchestrated campaign to misrepresent the language in the bill —

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: — to say that you are ‘profiling’ Mexican and Hispanic-looking people, and wherever they’re spotted — you’re going to have lookouts and wherever they’re spotted — you’re gonna descend on ’em, you’re going to stick ’em up and you’re gonna transport ’em and put ’em in jail. It’s made to order. This perfect misrepresentation and the — of this bill is made to order for someone whose career has been made on dividing people —

CALLER: Well, of course.

RUSH: — creating angst and tumult and chaos and keeping his race business alive.

CALLER: He wouldn’t have anything to do if there weren’t a ‘crisis.’

RUSH: Right. But the reason I mention this to you is the way to fight this is not to say, ‘Reverend Sharpton, have you read the bill? Reverend Sharpton, do you understand nobody here is racist? Reverend Sharpton, do you understand?’ The way to fight this is: ‘Reverend Sharpton, we know what you’re trying to do and you’re not going to get away with it. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.’ Come up with something like that, but the merits here are not what is at stake. It is for you in the end, but that’s not the way to beat this back, because you’re playing on two different fields.

CALLER: But the news media is not going to present it that way, the mainstream news. They’re going to present it as… I mean I saw the news last night, and here they show pictures of the reverend walking by the Suns stadium while the Suns — ‘Los Suns’ — are in there playing.

RUSH: Exactly right. It’s all made to order.

CALLER: Oh, I know.

RUSH: It’s right out of the playbook.

CALLER: It’s infuriating, and then all of these countries that are supposedly going to boycott our state? I’m with you. It think that we should give them, illegals, maps to San Francisco with a list of the agencies that will help them.

RUSH: And New York. I think the governor [of Arizona] ought to call a press conference: ‘We’re going to have one-way vouchers, one-way travel vouchers to New York and San Francisco, and, ‘Here is a map of San Francisco where you can go to get this benefit and that benefit. Here’s where you go in New York to get this benefit and that benefit,’ because both California and New York City have criticized Arizona. There are a lot of companies started — just to show you how cowardice is rearing its ugly head here all over the place. You get to the point, you say, ‘What can we do for Arizona in this?’ Maybe people need to schedule conventions there. Maybe people need to schedule vacations there. The problem is if the residents don’t feel safe, and that’s really at the crux of this.


Do you know, reportedly now, reportedly, 2,000 people a year are killed by illegal aliens. That’s two-thirds of the number killed at 9/11. Now, they’re not all killed at once, and we don’t see it happen. But nevertheless, 2,000 Americans are killed every year by illegal aliens. Where’s the outrage? There is no outrage. Instead, the regime and the regime watchdog media are so unconcerned that they don’t even keep track of the number. They’re so unconcerned that they’re outraged at any action people at risk take to try to protect themselves! Look at it! Look at the number of people being killed every year by illegals in Arizona, the people of Arizona taking action to protect themselves, and what is the focus? What is the outrage?

The outrage is on the people trying to take steps to protect themselves. Besides the people killed, how about those who are simply assaulted and raped but don’t die? You know what one of the reasons for the American Revolution was? One of the reasons for the American Revolution was the so-called Intolerable Acts. One was the quartering, the housing of British troops in American houses. That was one of the many contributing factors for the American Revolution. Now, what is this invasion but forcing us to let illegal aliens into people’s homes? We’ve heard the stories. People have called here. People are afraid to leave their houses for very long because they’re afraid when they come back they’re going to be occupied by armed gangs.

A couple of interesting stories here from the Politico: ‘Hispanics Unhappy with Democrat Shift — To get an idea of how far Democrats have moved to the right on the issue of immigration reform, consider this: The Obama [regime]’s enforcement efforts in 2009 led to the deportation of 387,790 illegal immigrants — a 5 percent jump over the Bush administration’s record in 2008. And this: A liberal Democratic senator from New York is a co-sponsor of a measure that includes what civil libertarians fear could become the first national ID card. And this: A PowerPoint presentation offering guidance for Democrats in the coming Senate debate concludes that the most persuasive argument to voters for supporting reform is actually a classic Republican pitch: because it will force illegal immigrants to ‘pay their fair share of taxes.’

‘The Democrats’ tough-love approach to immigration aims both to foster Republican support for a bill and to avoid claims that Democrats are soft on crime and security issues. But for some advocates of [amnesty], the Democrats’ accommodating right turn has gone so far that it is becoming a liability in the long fight to pass comprehensive [amnesty]. After all, why should the enforcement-first crowd come to the table when they don’t have to?’ This to this story goes on and on and on here about how Hispanics are unhappy with the Democrats supposedly becoming soft, going soft on this in order to get the bill passed.

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