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“Liberals love diversity of thought as long as everybody thinks the same thing.”

“Let me tell you something: No liberal is worth losing your confidence over. No liberal is worth losing your like or love for yourself over. And no liberal is worth questioning yourself over.”

“Obama thinks he knows it all, just like your kids. At one point, didn’t your kids think they knew it all and that you were the biggest idiot in the world? Well, we are theparents and Obama’s the kid.”

“Oil is as much a part of nature as mosquitoes. Viruses are a part of nature. Everything is nature. We are a part of nature, yet man is said to be an enemy of nature because we found oil.”

“You know, it’s interesting. I can be pretty tough on male politicos, but if I get tough on females other than Hillary, I get e-mails: ‘Rush, don’t you think you’re being a little too hard on Janet Napolitano?’ Actually, I think I’m being quite kind and restrained.”

“In the real world Obama has killed jobs. He has bankrupted the country. This is why I wanted him to fail, because he has succeeded in making a disaster.”

“Obama is not getting anything done by policy, and he’s not winning converts. Obama is having to use thuggery, bribes, and Alinsky-type Chicago-organizer tactics to bully his way to victory, and nobody supports what he’s doing.”

“Somebody needs to tell Mayor Bloomberg that Faisal Shahzad, the bomber, is heavy user of salt and a big-time smoker. That will light Bloomberg’s fire!”

“I have learned, folks, that none — absolutely zero percent — of my happiness is determined by what other people think of me. If you can get to the point where your happiness is not determined by what people think of you, then you are totally free.”

“I know Giuliani and Bloomberg get along, but sorry: Bloomberg is no Giuliani.”

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