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RUSH: Here’s Bill Clinton yesterday in Washington at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Bob Schieffer interviewed Clinton. He said, ‘Immigration’s been in the news lately. Do you see that as a part of fiscal reform and responsibility?’

CLINTON: I don’t like that Arizona bill, but I get why it happened. The real reason there’s anti-immigrant sentiment is if you look at the numbers, it’s white male factory workers without a college degree that got killed in the last decade’s economic downturn. I. Get. It. But these get more jobs if the economy grows. Their taxes will be lower if he got more taxpayers. The pressure is on Social Security and the — and the — and the changes we’ll have to make would be slightly less Draconian if you had more people contributing into the system.

RUSH: Okay. There’s Clinton playing the race card now. Clinton saying, ‘Look, we need to legalize these people, make them taxpayers. We’ll create more jobs.’ Every aspect of this is an out-and-out lie, but it does give away what their purpose is with all of this. The reason that people oppose illegal… It’s not anti-immigrant sentiment. It is anti-ILLEGAL immigrant sentiment. It’s not just ‘white male factory workers.’ Are 70% of Arizona’s white male factory workers, Mr. President? Are 70% of the American people white male factory workers? These people are the bigots. These people are the racists. These are the people throw the race card. These are the people who are trying to impugn citizens of this country and impugn the country in general.

But how about this lie? (Clinton impression) ‘These white guys, factory workers, they’d get more jobs if the economy grows.’ Mr. President, it’s 10% unemployment now. You flood the job market with 20 million more all of a sudden legal citizens. Somebody explain to me how that’s going to create jobs, and then (impression), ‘Their taxes will be lower if you got more taxpayers.’ Only if you lower the rates, and you don’t lower rates; you raise them, Mr. President. (impression) ‘The pressure is on Social Security, changes we’ll have to make will be slightly less Draconian if you have more people…’ Ohhhhh! So we need these people contributing to Social Security so that we don’t have to cut Social Security and really tick off our constituents.

So they’re giving away what’s really at stake here. Now, I want to revisit this notion about the numbers, ’cause I am of a firm belief that the numbers don’t work for Obama here. He doesn’t have enough fraudulent voters to overcome the existing sentiment on this issue come November. I’m looking at this from the context of legitimate numbers, because the Hispanic vote really is small compared to the rest of the population — and the Hispanic vote’s divided, too, it’s not monolithic. Contrary to what everybody thinks (another media lie) it’s not all Democrat. But we do have Motor Voter and we do have outright fraud. John Fund has written about it. He’s got a great book about it. Obama may be hoping that there will be enough illegal votes to make up for, maybe even surpass the votes he will lose for being more amnesty.

He’s counting on ACORN. He’s counting on the illegal vote. That’s at the root of all of this. Now, there’s no voter ID required. So that’s in Obama’s column. You have Motor Voter as well. That’s in his column. ACORN, Project Vote. So the idea of massive voter fraud this November might not be so far-fetched. What the heck? What’s Obama got to lose? If you look at where he is in the polls right now anyway, everybody knows they’re going to lose seats. He knows if he doesn’t do something the Democrats are gonna lose big in November, so why not try to pull a rabbit out of his hat? None of this is really far-fetched.

This push for amnesty is his and the Democrats’ hail Mary pass. That’s really what this is. There’s a very, very interesting thing going on here with all this. It’s multilayered, it’s multifaceted, but it’s all based on dividing the people of this country by race and by the haves and have-nots — and it’s being done and orchestrated by the president of the United States. Do you remember all during the Bush years how frustrated we got when the Bush White House would never respond to the vicious personal and political attacks that were made against him and other of his administration? I asked him about it, and he said, ‘Look, I’m president of the United States. I’m not gonna sully this office by descending to that level of partisanship. I’m just not going to do it.’

‘But, Mr. President, it would rally your base. Your base is tired of hearing you and by extension them be insulted day in and day out lie after lie after lie.’ He said, ‘I’m not going to sink to that level.’ Well, we see what happens now when we have a president who does sink to that level. We have a president now who’s nothing more than a community organizer or agitator. We see what happens to the office of the presidency when pure unadulterated, undiluted partisanship runs it. He gives speeches, ‘I want you black people to vote for me. I want you Hispanics to get in line. I want you women to get your energy back.’ He’s cherry-picking the people he wants to support him.


RUSH: So Bill Clinton’s out there saying, (impersonating Clinton) ‘I understand what’s happening out there. I really do, all these white factory workers, they lost their jobs.’ White people and their level of unemployment approaches the Great Depression. Black unemployment is double-digit. Black people in this country are in worse shape than they have ever been under this president, who is supposed to be postpartisan and postracial. He was going to promise us this new union unity, this new beginning, something we had never before seen in politics. Gonna put all those things that divide the country behind us. And we shoulda known it was a lie, we did know it was a lie, just like all of his other promises. The guy was the most liberal Democrat in the Senate when he was there, and that’s something when you are more liberal than Ted Kennedy, when you’re more liberal than Harry Reid or John Kerry. Even La Raza says that Hispanics are doing very poorly in this country. They need billions more in taxpayer dollars to survive. That’s the reason they exist. La Raza is urging everybody they can to be counted in this census to get the benefits. They’re not interested in people going to work. They’re interested in benefits, their share of the benefits pie. Bill Clinton’s out there saying, (impersonating Clinton) ‘Yeah, I know why all this is happening, all these white guys are mad as hell ’cause they lost their jobs.’ Everybody’s hurting but the white guys are hurting a little bit less than some of the others is the truth of all this.

We’re going to start in Washington Township in New Jersey. Mike, great to have you, sir. You’re first. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, I’m a huge fan, and I’ve never voted for a Democrat, so I just want to make sure you understand that before we get into this. I also support Jan Brewer’s decision to do what she did in Arizona, but I feel that this is the only issue that can hurt us as Republicans because you said something important. It’s their Hail Mary pass, and why is it? Because it’s the only thing that can pull on the purse strings for the compassionate feelings that people may have for this. And I think this, Rush. What do you think of this proposal — and I don’t understand why really nobody on our side, we gotta take the lead, we could take this issue right back from the Democrats by doing this. Put together a proposal, first and foremost, absolutely seal and protect that border immediately. It’s a gross dereliction of duty on the part of the federal government. Two, second thing, give all illegal aliens that are in our country now, give them a time period, I don’t know, you know, I’m not smart enough to decide if it’s 90 days, six months, I don’t know, but give them a time period where they have to report to INS, right? Three. Then anyone that’s — and if they don’t, meaning after that certain time period, Rush, if then people are picked up they get immediately deported because they need to report. Of course anyone that has committed crimes, felonies, or any serious crime, get ’em out, send ’em right back. But what about the people that, you know, there’s people that have kids that were born here, the others that are here, we can’t round up 12 million people. Give them some kind of pass. I’m not saying citizenship. Give them a resident alien card or let ’em pay a huge fine. If they’re working, let ’em keep jobs. The majority of the people who are here are not all criminals; they’re not all bad people. I mean, is any of that making sense to you, Rush?

RUSH: No. It doesn’t make any sense. I’ll tell you why. In the first place the Democrats don’t own the issue, so the premise in which you based everything that followed is flawed. We own this issue. The Democrats do not. Nobody that owns an issue throws a Hail Mary pass. Nobody that has got the game locked down throws a Hail Mary pass. The Democrats — I don’t believe there’s a grand strategy. I think they’re throwing it up against the wall here. I think they’re desperate. The second thing, the plan you described is practically word-for-word what the Kennedy, Bush, McCain immigration bill was in 2007, and you see what happened to that. It went down in flames because the American people saw it for what it was. It was a pathway to amnesty. The second thing is you say we give ’em X-number of days to show up and then those that don’t, we find ’em and say, ‘Sayonara.’ How we going to find ’em? We’re relying on them to show up at some office. Do we have the infrastructure to handle this? Okay, we put out a PSA, press release on TV ads, ‘Okay all of you people here illegally in the country, listen up. Show up to the courthouse at West Palm Beach, 45 office suite 717 between eight a.m. and five p.m. all next week,’ and then whoever shows up, we say, ‘All right, 100% compliance.’

Well, how do we know that they’ve all shown up? And the ones that don’t show up, how do we found out who they are to deport ’em? Securing the border is already federal law. It’s not being obeyed. They have not implemented it at all. See, this is why I’m making the point about the template today. We have not lost the issue. They have brought this issue up now because they are in deep doo-doo in November, and they are throwing this up against the wall hoping that this will reverse their downward movement so the losses won’t be as bad. It’s gonna make it even worse for them. Try this, folks. These rallies, these marches are on Saturday, right? I know normally the last thing you want to do is watch a bunch of malcontents protesting the country on a Saturday. But give yourself ten minutes to do it. Watch ’em burn the American flag, watch ’em go make speeches ripping this country apart, listen to them probably bash Bush and Cheney. Because when they do these things every leftist malcontent from the animal rights wackos to the environmental rights wackos to the anti-globalization nuts, they all show up. It’s not just the illegal immigrant lobby. They all show up and they all vie for attention, they all want to be heard on their pet issue.

So you tune in, and you watch ten minutes of this, and you tell yourself, ‘You know what? This really makes me want to give amnesty to these people.’ What it’s going to do, if you just give yourself ten minutes to watch it, it’s going to fire you up even more to not surrender the country. I don’t see where the template is something that we ought to buy here. Everything the caller said sounded good, it’s all premised on the fact we’re losing the issue and that we’re going to lose the issue. The Democrats are going to win big, they’re going to cream us on the basis of compassion. I dealt with that yesterday. Compassion, you know who needs compassion? The people in border states who are afraid to leave their homes for very long because it’s likely when they come back, drug cartels have taken over or somebody else is in there.

People do not feel safe. People are getting killed, ranchers, a rancher got murdered. These are not the old day laborers that came across to pick grapes and so forth with Cesar Chavez. This is a whole different bunch. These are drug smuggling coyotes and human smugglers. It’s a whole different ball game now. Where is the compassion for the victims of all this, and the victims of all this are American citizens. Why is the compassion for the perps? AP story earlier today, you start enforcing the law and a lot of the illegal aliens will deport themselves. They have in the past. I’d have to say it’s working.


RUSH: Now, we played the audio sound bite earlier of President Obama saying the White House is gonna put off immigration. He was on Air Force One, he said to reporters, ‘We’ve gone through a very tough year, and I’ve been working Congress pretty hard so I know there may not be an appetite immediately to dive into another controversial issue. There’s still work that needs to be done on energy, the midterms are coming up, so I don’t want us to do something for the sake of politics that doesn’t solve the problem.’ Now, that’s Obama and experience says we take the exact opposite of what he says because there are reports today, we had it, Dana Bash at CNN reporting that three Democrats are going to announce comprehensive immigration reform legislation later today. So the leader of the regime is saying, ‘Nah, it’s too controversial, we can’t do it if we’re not going to have any real progress on it, we’ve got other things to do.’ Here come some Democrats.

So what this tells me is that on the Democrat side here there is confusion and there is desperation. There’s not a well-oiled strategery being unveiled here, and any Republican who helps them in this, if these Democrats do indeed bring up an illegal immigration amnesty bill, any Republicans who helps them in this is finished. No questions asked. Finished. Just like, you know when Charlie Crist was finished? It wasn’t the embrace of Obama on stage. It was the vocal support of the stimulus package. That’s when Charlie Crist’s momentum began to reverse itself. And then of course Marco Rubio came along with a full-fledged dyed-in-the-wool pure conservative message and it was only a matter of time. So you could say that Marco Rubio won the Republican primary before it was even held because Charlie’s now going independent.

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