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RUSH: The Arizona immigration stack continues to grow here, as I prep the show today. I have just a little bit of an observation to make before we get into this in great detail. The European Union, the wonderful European Union, these are the people we’re supposed to emulate. These are the enlightened souls that we are supposed to be like: The French, the Germans, the Swiss, even the Spanish. But the thing is they have no trouble whatsoever kicking out their illegal aliens. Now, the Brits are not in on this. But some of these other European Union nations, they don’t put up with this. Aren’t we constantly told that they are so much more enlightened than us in every way that we need to emulate them in all things, like providing universal health care and so forth? Yet we’re not emulating them on immigration. We’re welcoming any number of illegals, or at least the regime wants to make every illegal legal.

Now they’re jumping all over this Arizona governor, a Republican. Get ready for her to get the Sarah Palin treatment, not too long from now. A female Republican, they will be talking about all the things wrong with her appearance and talking about all the things wrong with her brain. They’ll make jokes, somebody wrote, ‘Yeah, they’ll probably be parodying her on Saturday Night Live that she said she could see Mexico from the front porch of the governor’s mansion in Arizona,’ which, if it happens, would not surprise me. But apparently people have looked at the Arizona law, and it is rock solid, it is a damn good law. It anticipates all of these challenges. It was put together pretty well.

San Francisco says that they are going to boycott Arizona, and I’m sure the people of Arizona are happy as hell about that. In fact, if I were the people in Arizona, I’d capture the illegals and send them to San Francisco. Sanctuary city, hey, you know, like ’em so much, here. Glad to send ’em your way. And, by the way, you don’t want to come here to see Arizona, fine and dandy with us. Do you believe — and I totally do — the leader of this country, Barack Obama, is leading a charge by the Democrat Party against a state and a personal jihad against a governor. He is supposed to be president of all the people. But, boy, you go against the regime, and the regime will come after you. It’s going to be interesting to see.


RUSH: Curtis in Tempe, Arizona, nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Mr. Limbaugh. It’s a real honor to speak to the person who has caused every problem in America since the Kennedy assassination. Only kidding, only kidding. (laughing)

RUSH: No, no, no, I’m happy to take the blame for that.

CALLER: Well, you know what’s a shame is you’re being blamed for a lot of things. These people are stupid for even trying to come to you on this, but I’m calling you to talk to you — I’m in Arizona. Obviously you know about the immigration law that was just passed.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Here’s my problem with it, Mr. Limbaugh, and maybe you can help me. Everybody that’s on in New York and Washington, DC, is an expert about what’s happening way out here in the West. Like Reverend — the guy who lies all the time.

RUSH: Well, here, grab audio sound bite 27. I want you to listen to this with me together. Are you maybe talking about the Reverend Jackson?

CALLER: Al something.

RUSH: Al Sharpton. We’ll get to him later, but here’s a sound bite this afternoon on television from the Reverend Jackson, ‘Is it time for Congress to tackle the issue of immigration?’

JACKSON: It is time. Twelve million undocumented workers who do generate revenue, who do pay taxes, who do have children in schools, who are born here, in fact, it should be addressed and immediately because it’s becoming an issue that’s hot and dangerous. Really, it’s a form of terrorism for the innocent, not just for the guilty. I mean you look suspicious because you are Mexican.

RUSH: Okay, Curtis in Tempe, Arizona, the Reverend Jackson has just claimed that your law out there is terrorism.

CALLER: Yeah, right. Isn’t that the same guy that embezzled a million dollars out of Operation PUSH back in ’68? I’m from Chicago. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, whether they want to realize it or not, they have no street cred, especially Al Sharpton. He hasn’t apologized for the Duke lacrosse thing, for the Tawana Brawley thing. He’s got no street cred, in my mind.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: Forgive me, but if the blacks want to — I mean, I was born in Gary, Indiana, and raised in Chicago. And forgive me, but if the blacks want to — I’m getting off point, but if they want to have the racial tensions and everything eased down, they gotta get rid of Sharpton and Jesse Jackson because they’re the ones stirring the pot.

RUSH: Well, it’s not going to happen because the Reverend Sharpton is now the regime’s liaison to the street. Obama and Sharpton are now inseparable. As I said yesterday, Sharpton has gone from the streets to the suites back to the streets to complain about the sheets.


RUSH: Okay, we’ll navigate into the Arizona immigration thing when we get back in the next hour, but notice here all this outrage over Arizona’s abuse of power. Right? Now, notice how the Democrats, the regime, the media, the left are calling Arizona’s new immigration bill an outrageous usurpation of power. Meanwhile, that same regime is moving to take away our salt, our lightbulbs, reaching down into every nook and cranny of our lives, and they don’t bat an eye. And yet they have the audacity to accuse Arizona’s immigration bill of being an outrageous usurpation of power.


RUSH: Weren’t we told, ladies and gentlemen, back in 2007 that amnesty would not be pushed through Congress until we had secured the border? We were told this after the American people rose up and opposed amnesty. Work was started on the ‘virtual fence,’ right? We were going to secure the border after 2007 and gonna start work on the virtual fence. Anybody notice how that’s been going? (interruption) That’s exactly right, Snerdley. They abandoned the virtual fence. They’re about to stop funding for it. It was a pretend thing from the get-go. It was illusory. (interruption) Of course I said it at the time, ’cause everybody knew it was just a stopgap rhetorical device to try to calm everybody down.

So here we are three years later, 2010. The border is less secure than ever, and we are supposed to believe the same people now! We’re supposed to listen to Obama. We’re supposed to listen to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton pass judgment on objectives being done in Arizona. The real truth about Arizona is that it is a testament to the incompetence and lack of action of the federal government on this. They’ve waited and they’ve waited and they can’t wait any longer. Dingy Harry and the Democrats are running this country like some tinhorn regime. They pretend to have a representative government. They keep putting up a bill no matter how many times it gets voted down until it gets passed, and that’s what they’re doing with this financial regulatory reform bill. They’re trying to embarrass the Republicans.


RUSH: ‘Gov. Jan Brewer is dismissing the threat of an economic boycott over the new state immigration law she signed last week. Appearing Monday at an Arizona Town Hall in Tucson, Brewer said she doesn’t believe the law is ‘going to have the kind of economic impact that some people think it might.’ US Rep. Raul Grijalva, a Tucson Democrat, has called for a boycott of convention business for the state…’ A guy from Arizona is asking people to boycott his own state! San Francisco says, ‘We’re not going to send anybody to Arizona!’ Arizona goes, ‘Thank God!’ What they ought to do is pack up all the illegals and send ’em to San Francisco, ‘sanctuary city’ and all that. ‘The Arizona Daily Star reports that Brewer says outrage over the ability of police to ask people for citizenship documentation will fade.

‘She recalled how another uproar faded when she was secretary of state and rode herd over a requirement that voters show ID at the polls.’ Everybody said all hell’s going to break loose over that and it didn’t. From AZfamily.com: ‘Job hunters turned out in the hundreds to fill recently-vacant positions at Pro’s Ranch Market stores, where a federal audit led to the firing of some 300 workers. Roxanne Nieves, one of the many that came out in search of a job, said she came to apply after she heard about the layoffs. ‘We heard they are firing a lot of illegal people, so we’re here to apply,’ she said. Nonetheless, she and many others felt guilty about taking the jobs of the people who had just been fired.

”To me, it’s pretty hard to see everybody losing jobs,’ one job hunter said. About 300 of the 1,500 total employees at the six Phoenix supermarkets were let go this week after an Immigration and Customs Enforcement audit found them to be working illegally.’ Look how Arizona can turn around its economy here, trying to get jobs Americans used to not want. Three hundred illegals are let go because they’re working illegally, the jobs are filled immediately by Americans who will they will find to do that kind of work. (ahem) Moving on. This is fabulous. ‘During the Monday 12PM ET hour of live coverage on MSNBC,’ the hapless ‘anchor Contessa Brewer described the ‘firestorm’ over a newly passed immigration law in Arizona and fretted: ‘does this lead to a situation where neighbors are turning in neighbors or families turning against families?’

‘Later in the segment, a headline on screen read: ‘Law Makes it a Crime to be Illegal Immigrant.” It actually was on the MessNBC screen: ‘Law Makes it a Crime to be Illegal Immigrant.’ Now, before you laugh — Well, I can’t stop you. You’re already laughing. Stop and think of this. We sit hear over the course of many, many years of broadcast service and on issue after issue after issue we wonder, ‘What is it that these people on the left just didn’t even get? What is so hard to understand that the problem here with illegal immigration is ILLEGAL and do they not know that ‘illegal’ means ‘against the law’?’ Do they not know there’s already a law? You can’t be illegal unless there’s a law proscribing the activity.

So they look at it as the human rights or compassion or big-hearted issue — and I guess, folks, we have our answer here at least in the case of MessNBC: Yes, they are that dumb. Apparently, MessNBC and Contessa Brewer just find out that ‘illegal’ means ‘against the law.’ How else to explain this? Headline on the screen: ‘Law Makes it a Crime to be Illegal Immigrant,’ as though the Arizona law determines for the first time that these people are breaking the law. Now, we sit here and we marvel at how they’re on Mars and we’re on Venus and how they don’t see things that we see clearly. This makes it pretty obvious that it’s not a question of what they see; it’s a question of just how stupid they are. They are so caught up in their heart-filled compassion-oriented agenda that they do not know that somebody in the country illegally is already committing a crime because of federal law.

They look at it apparently as evil denying the poor people of the world a chance for a better life. When the question is: Everybody in the world wants a better life; is it not understandable most people of the world think that happens here? We can’t absorb everybody here. Sometimes we go to the great intellectual exercises to explain the differences, and we just overlook the fact they’re stupid. They’re just outright, plain dumb! It’s not ignorance in this case, folks. It is genuine, full-fledged, blockheaded stupidity. No other word for it. A great piece by Leo Banks. He covers the border for Tucson Weekly. He provides context of the immigration crackdown in Arizona.

He says, ‘Listening to the national uproar, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Arizona has marched into the civil rights apocalypse with its new state law cracking down on illegal immigrants. Last Friday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB1070, making it a crime to be in the state illegally and requiring cops, where ‘reasonable suspicion’ exists, to determine a person’s legal status. Rev. Al Sharpton is promising to come to Arizona to march, the New York Times says that the state has gone ‘off the deep end,’ and the Nazi references are flying. Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony likened SB1070 to ‘German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques.’

‘Riding the noise for political advantage, President Obama is summoning his Justice Department to look into the matter, saying that the law would ‘undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans.’ But 70 percent of Arizona residents support the law, according to Rasmussen. What’s going on here? Do we know something the rest of the country doesn’t? Actually, we do. Context is everything, and it’d be nice if the national media provided some, rather than simply slamming Arizona as a redneck haven filled with nativists and bubbas with a hankering for racial profiling. An estimated 500,000 illegal aliens live in Arizona, and many are decent folks, to be sure. But the border is still wide open, and many more are coming. Last year in Border Patrol’s 262-mile-wide Tucson Sector, agents arrested 241,000 illegal aliens, a drop of more than 130,000 from 2007.

‘It sounds great until you understand that gotaways outnumber arrests by three to one. Does the country realize this, or have the people bought Janet Napolitano’s political fairy tale that border security has been ‘transformed’ from where we were in 2007? As Obama lectures Arizona, citizens here await his decision on an urgent request to send three thousand National Guard troops to the border. Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl recently asked for soldiers, as did Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, to bring some security to American citizens being hammered by cross-border smugglers and thugs.

‘Here’s an important bit of context: This isn’t your father’s illegal immigration, when polite farm workers offered to do chores in return for some water and a sandwich as they walked north. Today, the drug cartels have taken over the people-smuggling business. They own the trails into the country and dominate the land, the same way urban gangs control neighborhoods. Any group wanting in has to deal with them, and the going rate is $2,500 per person. If you don’t have the cash, the cartel coyote will offer to bring you in for free if you carry his dope,’ his drugs. ‘As Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever testified to the Senate Homeland Security Committee last week, most of the groups coming up now have a gun behind them.

‘Along the Chiricahua Corridor smuggling route north and east of Douglas, Arizona, residents have been screaming for some time about break-ins, threats, intimidation, vandalism, and home invasions. But the Feds did nothing to keep citizens safe. Instead, they talked amnesty. Then the inevitable happened. On March 27, Cochise County rancher Rob Krentz was murdered on his land, presumably by a drug smuggler. The death occurred on a well-known drug trail, and trackers followed the killer’s prints back into Mexico. He is still at large.’ By the way, there’s more of this, and I gotta go to a break. But all of you people who want to boycott Arizona, you’re not going to have to boycott. People aren’t going to go there if it isn’t safe — it’s just that simple — and that’s the primary job of the US government: The protection and safety of the citizens, and they have failed, big time.


RUSH: Okay, back to Leo Banks in the AmericanThinker.com: ‘We,’ in Arizona, ‘have a huge problem with crooks coming up from Mexico to our cities and towns, committing crimes, and bolting back south of the border. Not long ago, I wrote a story that backtracked the records of two of these border coyotes and found that between them, they’d been arrested and released by either law enforcement or the courts a total of 35 times. One was let go after a traffic stop, and the other had worked construction in Phoenix for years. If this law had been in effect, the police might’ve been able to get them off the street before they were able to lead more groups into southern Arizona, break into homes, and frighten citizens.

‘Civil rights? What about the civil right of American citizens to drive up to their homes at night and have some reasonable assurance that no one is inside? On March 31, four hundred people gathered outside the one-room Apache School to tell their elected reps what it’s like to live in smuggler-occupied territory. The meeting was held there, in the cold, open air, in part because the nearest place to host a group that size inside was seventy round-trip miles away, and these folks didn’t feel comfortable leaving their homes for that length of time. They live by a rule of thumb: If you leave your house empty, it will be occupied by illegals or drug smugglers. We’re not talking just about homes five miles from the international line. We’re talking about homes up to sixty miles north of the border.

‘Racial profiling doesn’t matter much when you’re in a fight to preserve your way of life and keep your family and property safe. Let me give you a different perspective on racial profiling. Now, when Border Patrol chases down and arrests illegals south of I-10, everybody says, ‘Atta boy. Good police work.’ But if these crossers put a toe north of I-10, they’re home free. Except for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, nobody is looking for them, and if you do, it’s racial profiling. The farther you get from the line, the more people want to make this problem about race. It’s the ground the left wants to fight on because it’s so effective. Political correctness shuts people up and keeps the border open. Arizona has had enough and seen enough. This bill, admittedly flawed, motivated in part by anger and frustration, is an effort to step in and do something about a serious national problem on our southern border that grows more dangerous all the time.’

And here’s State-Controlled AP with a headline that is an out-and-out piece of BS: ‘Arizona Pushes Congress Into Immigration Minefield — Backed into a corner by Arizona’s tough new immigration law, Democrats and Republicans alike find themselves grappling with a volatile issue neither party wanted to fight over just before important midterm congressional elections.’ Arizona had nothing to do with this. Harry Reid pushed Congress to this. Not Arizona. It is Harry Reid’s responsibility for doing this the way he has managed the financial regulatory reform bill and cap and trade. This is all the Senate Democrats wanting this chaos, folks, as well as other members of the regime.


RUSH: The attorney general of the United States, Eric Holder, has said that the US Justice Department may challenge the Arizona law. Go for it, Mr. AG. Seventy percent of the people in Arizona are in favor of this law. So you go for it. Ladies and gentlemen, in light of that, Byron York has a piece, I don’t have time to quote from it, it’s in the Washington Examiner from yesterday: ‘A carefully Crafted Immigration Law in Arizona.’ When you read Byron’s piece here you will see how thoughtful and carefully it was written, by good lawyers in Arizona. It’s going to be tough for somebody to turn this back. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, I welcome the challenge here: The regime versus the state of Arizona; the regime taking the side of the lawless; the regime taking the side of drug coyotes; the regime taking the side of smugglers. Makes perfect sense to me.

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