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RUSH: I have been pointing out that President Obama in his video outreach over the weekend to try to ‘reconnect’ with his base to energize them for the 2010 midterm elections in November, reaches out to blacks, Hispanics, African-Americans, and women; but he leaves out whites, white women, older white seasoned citizens, Indians, Asians, a number of other people, and Jews. So last Wednesday in Washington at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Obama’s national security advisor James Jones told a joke.

JONES: There was a shack in a store, a little store owned by a Jewish merchant, and, uhh, the Taliban warrior went up to him and said, ‘I need water. Give me some water,’ and the merchant said, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t have any water but would you like to buy a tie. We have a nice sale of ties today.’

ANTI-SEMITES: (chuckling)

JONES: ‘I’m sorry that I don’t have water for you, and I forgive you for all of the insults that you’ve levied against me, my family, my country, but I will help you out. If you’ll go over that hill and walk about two miles, there’s a restaurant there and they have all the water you’ll need,’ and the Taliban, instead of saying thanks, still muttering under his breath, disappears over the hill; only to come back about an hour later and walking up to the merchant, says, ‘Your brother tells me I need a tie to get into the restaurant.’

ANTI-SEMITES: (guffawing)

RUSH: Okay, now, the crowd laughed, but is there not a stereotypical insult in that joke? Is there not a stereotypical insult in the joke depicting Jews as greedy merchants? It doesn’t matter that it’s the Taliban. It could have been anybody, and that’s Obama’s national security advisor with an anti-Semitic joke, and what will happen here is he’ll get slapped on the wrist for telling a Taliban joke. We can’t tell Taliban jokes!

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