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RUSH: Now, get this. Sharyl Attkisson, CBS Evening News, did an investigative report on what’s going on in Haiti. Remember, we had the story yesterday, $792 billion spent in Haiti, two-thirds of it on salary and perks for UN officials, but it’s even worse than that.

ATTKISSON: Of all the things you’ve heard about earthquake aid to Haiti, here’s something you probably didn’t know: Haiti’s government wants large-scale food assistance and free health care to stop. If it’s news to you, it was to us, too. The public outpouring is so generous it’s interfering with the Haitian economy. If food is free, local farmers can’t sell what they grow. Desperately poor residents who aren’t earthquake victims are moving into refugee camps for the free food and health care. But the government wants residents to be less dependent on foreign aid, not more.

RUSH: Too late for that. Too late for that. Here’s a question for you. Will Obama ever leave Haiti? Will the regime ever vacate? They’re setting it up perfect. They’re shutting down whatever private sector there is in Haiti, they’re shutting down agriculture, farmers can’t sell anything because they’re giving so much of it away. People who are not earthquake ravaged are showing up and joining the tent cities to get the free food and health care. And you wonder, Snerdley, why 10,000 teachers have marched in Illinois, ‘Where’s my cash? Give me my money. We want it fast.’ When your sole source sustenance is the government, by God, by golly, you have to make your whole life’s investment that government never gets smaller, because if it does, you’re on the hook.

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