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RUSH: Try this as a thought. Try this as a thought. We hate Goldman Sachs, right? Those guys, they’re a bunch of devils. They’re the devil incarnate. AIG, we hate these guys. We hate all these Wall Street types, right? ‘Oh, yeah! I mean, these guys, they’re cheating everybody. They’re enriching themselves, paying themself big bonuses in the middle of a recession. We can’t trust these guys,’ and yet what Goldman Sachs guy leaves Goldman Sachs and goes to the government some magical thing happens and becomes an angel. Hank Paulson? ‘SOB! We can’t trust him. He’s in the private sector, enriching himself at the public’s expense,’ when he’s at Goldman Sachs. When he becomes Treasury secretary, ‘Why, he’s an angel!’ because he’s with the government now. Robert Rubin: Cutthroat, mean, got rid of anybody in his way when he was Goldman Sachs chairman. He ends up as the Treasury secretary for Bill Clinton and he’s an angel.

Why, look what happens! Something magical and purifying when these Goldman Wall Street hacks go into government. Jon Corzine! Jon Corzine was a Goldman Sachs chairman. He ended up as a Senator from New Jersey and then a governor in New Jersey, and during his political career he was a saint! They leave Wall Street with their sacks of eeeevil money, they go to Washington, and then automatically we can trust them. Their sins are forgiven! How does that work, folks? It’s like some idiot get elected to Congress. Suddenly they’re an expert and genius on everything that comes down the pike. Obama doesn’t know diddly-squat about anything, becomes president, and he is qualified to run the US health care system! Ditto the American automobile business. Ditto the American financial sector. When he doesn’t know diddly-squat! Somehow he gets to Washington, why, a magical conversion takes place, and he becomes the world’s foremost authority.

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