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RUSH: The chairwoman of the SEC was appointed by Reagan in 1988, reappointed by Bush 41 and Clinton, and elevated to chairwoman by Obama — and she’s a Democrat. She’s running the SEC.

Anyway, nice to have you back, folks. Rush Limbaugh behind the Golden EIB Microphone. 800-282-2882. The e-mail, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

You know the old stand by: ‘It’s not the nature of the evidence that matters; it’s the seriousness of the charge.’ That’s what’s at play here with the Goldman Sachs business because it’s apparent to a lot of people who now looked into this (from the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNBC) that they don’t see any evidence here. They could not find anybody who thinks they have a case here. They couldn’t find anybody who thinks they got a case. But that doesn’t matter because, you see: It’s the seriousness of the charge, not the nature of the evidence. I find this laughable that there are people who have doubts that Obama and the White House were not involved. After all that’s happened in a year (14 or 15 months, whatever it is) how can anybody have any doubts?

Do you think Obama gets anything done by policy? Did he get the health care debate that way? Did he win that by policy? Did he win that in the arena of ideas? No. He never does! He never triumphs in the arena of ideas. His ideas are not what secure him victory. This is key. You don’t think Obama is going to be depending on silly policy discussions to win, do you? You don’t think he really cares how the debate in the Senate goes on Dodd’s bill on financial regulatory reform. He doesn’t even care! He doesn’t care what the debate consists of. He didn’t care how the debate went in health care. He didn’t care what was in the health care bill. All that mattered was what he said was in it, but even what he said was in it was not enough to get it passed, was it?

This is why, if you want to know for sure — if you want to have no doubts about it — why the tea party is doing what it’s doing and why so many people are becoming part of that movement — and they may not even know specifically. They just know something’s not right here. This is not how things get done in America. This is not the way massive legislation is passed, because this is governing against the will of the people. The people know that a majority of them are opposed to every aspect of Obama’s agenda, and yet he’s getting it. How? He’s not winning any policy debates. So how is he doing it? Well, let’s reconstruct a little Obama history. Do you think Obama depended on policy to get his opponent for the state legislature seat in Illinois disqualified? No. There wasn’t anything policy about that.

Do you think he depended on policy or a superior argument in policy to reveal the sealed divorce papers of his primary opponent for his Senate run? No. He didn’t defeat either of those candidates because he had a better plan or because he beat them in debates or because people liked his ideas better than anybody else’s. Obama hasn’t won diddly-squat on that basis. He has won everything on the basis of thuggery, as detailed by no less than President Clinton. He’s a good, old-fashioned Chicago thug. They all know what Obama is in the Democrat Party. They know every aspect of what he is. They know that Obama’s ideas do not prevail anywhere, except within his little core group. Obama’s ideas could not prevail in America today. Obama’s ideas did not win the election in 2008. His cult of personality did. Not his ideas.

He benefited from his party and the media ratcheting up a level of hate against George W. Bush that we couldn’t understand, a level of hate for the US military, a level of hate for the US economy. I play golf with a bunch of Democrats. One of them is a good friend of mine, a very smart guy. He hated Bush with a purple passion but couldn’t tell me why. ‘It can’t get any worse, Rush! It can’t get any worse than what it is!’ You want to bet it can’t get any worse? It has proceeded to get worse. Do you think that Obama depended on policy to reveal the sealed divorce papers of his Republican opponent for his Senate run? He didn’t. He didn’t depend on policy when his henchmen tanked the markets in September 2008. Do you think he was running on policy then?

Obama never even tries to win via debate. Obama never even tries to win via the political process. He wins by thuggery. He wins by tanking the economy. They call the tea party people ‘haters’? They call the tea party people ‘seditious,’ and me and others seditious? Barack Obama is single-handedly overthrowing this country from within, without winning a thing in policy, without winning a thing! (interruption) Do you know what I mean by ‘policy,’ Snerdley? Am I using the right term here? What I mean is, Obama’s not coming to us and saying, ‘Look, I want to take over Wall Street because I want to improve this country. It will make it better. It will get your credit card rates down.’ No, he’s not doing that. He’s winning the debate by having the SEC going in and besmirch and impugn Goldman Sachs whether they deserve it or not.

It’s to create the illusion that there’s all these demons on Wall Street and that they’re out there screwing you day in and day out, ‘And if it weren’t for Lloyd Blankfein at Goldman Sachs or Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan Chase or whoever, why, you’d be okay! If it weren’t for them, your house would still have its value. If it weren’t for those guys, your life would be fine. Unemployment would be nonexistent.’ That’s what Obama does. He’s not convincing anybody his ideas are superior because he can’t because they aren’t. He’s simply muscling his way through here. He didn’t convince anybody. Look at the polls! He didn’t convince anybody. Even in his own party they had to bribe (and who knows what else) to get votes in the Senate and in the House for his own health care bill. He didn’t convince them on the superiority of his ideas, the superiority of how great his plan was for the country.

No, it was all about, ‘You can’t embarrass him. He’s gotta get this! I mean, if he doesn’t get this, his presidency is over.’ This is a man who doesn’t like this country much and hasn’t his whole life, and really has it in for some Americans, too. He’s bound and determined to cut this country down to size and make it pay for whatever transgressions he thinks it’s guilty of — and if you want to know what those are, just go listen to any sermon of Reverend Wright, his pastor for 20 years; or go listen to Father Pfleger, or listen to Calypso Louie Farrakhan, or now Al Sharpton; who is, it is said, Obama’s direct link to the streets. (snorts) What a title: ‘Direct Link to the Streets.’ My point here, ladies and gentlemen, is that we’re not losing because our ideas are in the minority. We’re not losing ’cause the country’s turning liberal. We’re not losing ’cause the country’s turning socialist.

Yeah, we got some freeloaders. Yeah, we got a lot of people aren’t paying income taxes. Yeah, the Democrat Party has a created a bunch of people that are dependent. But that’s not the country yet. We haven’t lost the country. I don’t believe we’re even at 47% freeloaders. I know the number of 47% of people are not paying federal income taxes. I do not think that we are anywhere near 47% of the country who wants to sit on their butt all day and simply collect $300 a week on unemployment. It may be 35%, it may be 40, but it’s nowhere near 50 yet. If it were we wouldn’t have the tea parties doing what they’re doing. If it were, we wouldn’t have a chance. If the country had reverted to over 50% of it wanting to sit on its butt and receive federal handouts, then you wouldn’t see polls for the November elections like you’re seeing, where the Democrats are gonna get thrown out in record numbers.

‘Cause everybody knows it’s the Democrats that enable you to sit on your butt and not have to do anything for 300 bucks a week. If a majority of people wanted that, why, we would see Democrats winning in landslide majorities in November. We’re not seeing that. So Obama here is not succeeding at all within the conventional norms of the American political system. He is a thug! He is a community organizer! Ideas? Those are to distract you. Get all bogged down in the superiority of the left argument versus the right argument, socialism versus capitalism? He doesn’t care about that. He is going to thug his way through whatever he wants. He’s now going to control one-sixth of the US economy in health care, via regulation and direct control, ’cause he’s gonna put the private sector insurance business out of business — and now the financial services industry.

By regulation, he’s going to end up controlling every aspect of that — and make no mistake. When we do talk about ideas and policy, let me just tell you: Listen to Reverend Wright, listen to Father Pfleger; listen to whoever it is at Harvard, Columbia, wherever Obama was taught. They all think the same thing: ‘Wall Street’s a bunch of SOBs. Wall Street rich fat cats got money. They haven’t deserved it. They paid themselves billions of dollars.’ I mean, it has been tradition to hate bankers. It has been tradition in this country to hate executive bankers. But the minute you start sounding off your suspicions about elected officials, ‘Why, that’s sedition!’ But you want to go destroy any private sector industry, you are a hero to people like Barack Obama.

If you want to help him destroy the private sector, ‘You’re a hero, because that’s where all the real criminal activity is! The white knights and the saviors and the people that care about you, The Little Guy! Yeah, they’re all in Congress and they’re in the White House.’ Come on! An ‘independent agency,’ SEC, had no clue that filing their charges here was going to help Obama get his regulatory reform. Anthem Blue Cross, a 39% increase? ‘Look at that! By God, we can’t allow that! That’s exactly what we’re talking about. That’s why we need health insurance reform.’ Now Goldman Sachs, and there’s no evidence to get a conviction. The nature of the evidence is irrelevant; it’s the seriousness of the charge that matters here. This is not a lawsuit. This is a prop.


RUSH: So make no mistake about it, the tea party people know full well that what’s going on here is not right. They know full well that something isn’t right. They look at it as Obama governing against the will of the people. Well, yeah, but it’s more than that. This is not about policy; it’s not about triumphing; it’s not about convincing a majority of people to agree with you. It’s about thuggery, pure and simple. And I’m going to tell you something else, just to give you some confidence here that I’m right. I don’t buy anywhere near 50% of this country is a freeloader bunch. I know it’s easy to think that, but if we were there, Obama wouldn’t have to be lying every step of the way about every agenda item he’s got. If we were at 50% freeloaders, that would be his agenda. He’s out there talking now about his first conversations with the Senate leaders over the next Supreme Court nominee, ’cause he wants a consensus builder. BS. He doesn’t care about a consensus builder. He’s going to find the hardest left judge that he can get confirmed.

There’s no consensus with Obama. That’s precisely the point. There’s no traditional politics with Obama. This is not civics 101 where our ideas are better and we convince people. We’ve already won that battle. What we’re up against is a thug. We’re up against a Chicago thug. Bill Clinton called him that and he’s exactly right. We’re up against somebody who doesn’t care about the US political process. He doesn’t care about the traditions and institutions that made the country great. He doesn’t like ’em. It’s all there. It’s happening right in front of our faces.


RUSH: Troy, Michigan, this is Rita and you’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. I love you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: You keep me so informed and I’ve just become a big fan. And I just think the liberals are showing their real face. Did you hear about this guy from Geico who called FreedomWorks and asked how many ‘retards’ they had working there?

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. The guy that does the voiceover of the Geico commercials.

CALLER: Yeah. And now he’s upset that they’ve released his words.

RUSH: They fired him, you mean?

CALLER: Yeah. Now he’s complaining. He’s going to file a lawsuit.

RUSH: Against Geico?

CALLER: No, against FreedomWorks for releasing his message.

RUSH: Oh, so what? He called and he left a message at FreedomWorks, left it on tape or something?


RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And then Fox played it, and he’s going to sue them.

RUSH: Well, I’m sorry. He doesn’t have any grounds here. Geico doesn’t want the guy working for them anyway. Look, Geico doesn’t want to make anyone mad. The tea party people have to buy insurance, too.

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: The Geico voiceover guy and has gone out and basically told the tea party people, ‘We don’t want you at Geico.’ Well, that’s not Geico’s point of view so let the guy sue the tea party.

CALLER: I know. I’m just saying: They’re just showing their ugly heads, aren’t they?

RUSH: They are all over the place. No question about it. They’re getting bold, but Obama still cannot say what he’s really going to do or what his real plans are. If he was able to do that then I would tell you, ‘Yes, we’ve lost America. Half the country wants to be taken care of. Half the country is a bunch of freeloaders,’ but we’re nowhere near that. Don’t believe that we are. We haven’t lost the country. If we had, Obama wouldn’t have to be so misleading about what he’s doing.

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