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RUSH: It happened again. Barney Frank is somehow running the House, he’s got the gavel. This just happened. Spencer Bachus, Republican, Alabama, questioning Tim Geithner about Lehman Brothers.

BACHUS: The federal bank was aware that Lehman was overstating its liquidity. (crosstalk with Frank interrupting, slamming gavel)

FRANK: I don’t understand the gentleman from Alabama’s approach here. He had plenty of time — it’s my responsibility to try and give every member a chance. We cannot run the committee when people just talk whenever they want without regard to the time. Now, I will recognize myself for five minutes.

RUSH: (laughing) I needed this. I needed a laugh. (imitating Frank) ‘I don’t know what the problem is (blubbering) gentleman, plenty of time (blubbering) you get to the meaning of stuff too late. Now, I’m going to recognize myself for five minutes.’ (laughing) He’s running the show today. He loves that gavel. He just loves shutting people up.

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