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“Friday, when Clinton was blaming us for the Oklahoma City bombing, what were we doing? We were raising millions of dollars to cure cancer. “

“Throughout the nineties, Americans were the victims of terrorism acts by people Obama will not even call terrorists now.”

“Goldman Sachs obviously has no problem with Health Care Regulatory Reform Act. One of the reasons why is it’s not going to hurt the big guys that much but it’s going to run a lot of little guys out of business.”

“The good news is: America wants its country back. The bad news is that we’re getting close here to every American agreeing with me.”

“Do you remember the Russian woman that Tony Soprano had a little affair with who only had one leg? In one episode she got in his face with a cigarette dangling out of her mouth and said, ‘Don’t screw with me,’ which has been the theme of the first hour and 15 minutes of this program.”

“Remember: Failure is a prerequisite for advancement in the Democrat Party. Failure is a resume enhancement.”

“Don’t any of you tea party people even accept this premise that you’re the hater, that you are angry, that you are on the verge of violence. You’re not. You’re acting because you love the country. You love your community. You love your neighborhood.”

“I want to know what act of man created this ash. How many SUVs driving around caused this? How many smokestacks? How much industrial production caused all this volcanic ash?”

“See the fine Toyota got? Where does the money go, by the way?”

“Carter destabilized Iran, Clinton ignored Al-Qaeda in the nineties, Obama ignores Iran today — and this is going to invite aggression.”

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