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RUSH: Jim in Flint, Michigan, as we go back to the phones. You’re on Open Line Friday. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Pleasure to talk to you. I’ve been a great fan for many years as has my son-in-law Jeff in Frankenmuth. I’ve been in law enforcement for over 40 years and I’d like to pose a question to you in regard to the criminal trials of the terrorist suspects in New York. It’s my understanding that AUSA’s special prosecutors and especially Eric Holder has considerable latitude in where he holds a trial in these circumstances. Why in the world would he pick a choice like New York where any defense attorney that’s worth their salt would immediately ask for a change of venue?

RUSH: No. The defense attorney will not ask for a change of venue.

CALLER: Why do you think that, based on pretrial publicity that might prejudice the jury?

RUSH: The point is not acquittal. The defense attorney taking the case — this is not about acquittal because the answer to your second question is found in the first. The reason they’re doing it, let me lay it out for you and see if you can guess it yourself. Here we have the mastermind and four henchmen of the deaths of 3,000 Americans. This mastermind has confessed. He has asked to be executed. We said no. We’re going to bring him to New York if things don’t change, and we’re going to put him on trial that will take years. We are going to pay $200 million a year, it’s going to cost New York City $200 million a year in security costs alone, per year, they anticipate a multiple-year trial.

During this trial Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his henchmen will have how many wonderful, glorious opportunities to rip the shreds out of the United States of America and to explain that they were justified in killing 3,000 Americans because America is responsible for the genocide of who knows how many millions of people all over the world since our founding. It will be the greatest opportunity the enemies of this country have ever had to spread venom and hate in our own courtrooms, bought and paid for by our own taxpayers because the attorney general apparently believes the United States does need to be taught a lesson. There’s no other reason to do this! This idea we’re gonna put ’em on trial and we’re gonna show the world our great justice system, we’re going to grant these noncitizens constitutional rights, we’re gonna show the rest of the world just how wonderful we are. Jim, you understand this?

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Both the president and Eric Holder have already prejudged the case and they have said, ‘These defendants will be found guilty and they will be executed.’

CALLER: And I agree with everything you said, Rush, but from a defense perspective if the change of venue is not requested, they are convicted, wouldn’t that create an appealable issue on their part?

RUSH: Oh, of course. The whole thing is appealable from any number of grounds. They don’t have constitutional rights.

CALLER: Oh, I agree a hundred percent. They should never be tried in criminal court.

RUSH: No. There’s only one reason to sign an arms reduction treaty unverifiable with the Russians, and that is if you think the United States of America is the problem in the world. There’s only one reason to give these four terrorists that kind of a forum. You must think it’s important for their message to get out. We’re not showing off our beautiful system of justice here because it’s already been compromised. When the president (imitating Obama) ‘Don’t worry about it, we’ll find ’em guilty, they’ll be executed, might even put them on the first Orion rocket, on that asteroid.’ Okay, so a defense lawyer said, ‘You already got my client convicted and put to death here before the trial has even begun,’ so it’s not about an acquittal. You’re asking about change of venue, Jim, because of New York. It’s possible. You think it’s not possible to find 12 people in New York who think the United States deserved it? You think they might not pluck some people from the Village or from the Upper West Side who might have some sympathy with people who think we are an oppressor, imperialistic nation? It’s not out of the realm of possibility. We are learning that not every American loves his or her country. So it is a disaster. It is a disaster waiting to happen. This is a forum that they would never give to Wall Street bankers. They would never give Wall Street bankers a forum like this. Anyway, Jim, I’m glad you called. I appreciate it.


RUSH: Flint, Michigan. The guy was Jim, right? Jim, there’s one other reason for this trial that I left out, and it’s also key. By putting Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his henchmen on trial, the hope of Eric Holder and Barack Obama is that the International Criminal Court will file war crimes charges against Bush and Cheney for torture. That is another objective.

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