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RUSH: Here’s Kara, she’s 19 in Indianapolis. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you very, very much for having me on your show today.

RUSH: Great to have you with us. Yeah.

CALLER: Okay. Well, I’m a little nervous. You can’t tell. But I am a freshman in college this year. I’m planning on being a government teacher, actually. And I just had very great parents and a very great school system to go through that has really brought me up well and have some strong conservative values, even though the school that I go to is not very conservative at all. Each and every time in my English class we are required to read two articles out of the New York Times that he chooses for us.

RUSH: Uh, you are required in an English class to read two…?

CALLER: English class because we have threatening e-mails about it so we have to read them, because to him the New York Times is the best thing for them. So…

RUSH: So this is an English class, is English composition?


RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: English 111.

RUSH: So they feel ask you to read the New York Times because it is assumed they structure written articles better than anybody else, and you can learn from them?

CALLER: Oh, no. Just because they have the most — the best articles and the most enlightening — articles that there are.

RUSH: Oh. So in your English comp class they’re wanting you to read the New York Times for content?


RUSH: Two articles a day?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Can you choose the obit section. Can you choose whichever article?

CALLER: No, it’s the opinionated. It’s the opinionated.

RUSH: Oh, you have to read the op-ed page?

CALLER: Yep. Sure do.

RUSH: Now, wait. Okay, if they make you read the opinion pages, this is a key question here, Kara.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm?

RUSH: If they make you read the opinion pages of the New York Times, do you read the front page, or the op-ed page?

CALLER: The op-ed page.

RUSH: You read the op-ed page. Well, you could read the front page, too, because that’s opinion as well.

CALLER: Yes. Definitely.

RUSH: If you’re reading the op-ed page of the New York Times, you are being asked to expose yourself to genuine stupidity, ignorance, and in some cases insanity.

CALLER: Oh, by far. Half of it is in English class. The rest of it is him bashing Governor Palin —

RUSH: I still say —

CALLER: — and you, too. You’re the topic of class quite often.

RUSH: I still say this is progress. Fifteen years ago you wouldn’t have called me. You’d have been reading the stuff and you’ve been in a protest march the next day.


RUSH: Okay. So the last caller from Indianapolis, her professor is bashing me while encouraging her to read the opinion pages of the New York Times, which is take your pick of pages, not just the op-ed page. I checked the e-mail during the break. ‘Rush, doesn’t it bother you that these teachers are ripping you in these –‘ no, no, no, folks, it’s been 21 years. It’s badge of honor. I look heavenward, and I say, ‘Thank God-d for my enemies.’ But as well as that, these teachers start bad-mouthing me to these young co-eds and college students, and many of them wonder, ‘Well, who is this guy?’ They may want to check it out. They may want to find out what’s so bad. Young people love renegades. Young people love rebels. And if they’re portraying me as some rebel against a cause, rebelling against Obama, people are going to be naturally intrigued. It’s all a positive, folks. They tune in here and they find out that it’s their teachers who have no clue what it is they’re talking about. So this stuff all works out.

I had to speed through her call because we were up against time, but I still say this is progress. I mean this stuff’s been taught for decades: liberalism, leftism, anarchy, Marxism, whatever school you go to, the odds are it’s taught. What’s new is the students are coming home or calling their parents or calling me and telling me how stupid their professors are. Ten to 15 years ago they wouldn’t be calling, they wouldn’t be telling their parents. They’d be hating their parents for not telling them the truth, they would be believing their teachers. The left is a minority in this country. This is a center-right country, you look at polling data on any issue or generic ballot, conservatism is a majority in this country, never fails to be, especially in the Battleground poll, that question 3-D is asked every time. In fact, I’m going to find it here in the stack.

The left is a minority. That’s why they have to govern against the will of the people. If they didn’t have control of the media they wouldn’t win elections. They have control of the media, they have Hollywood, they have entertainment, and they have education. Those are the institutions that they have taken over and dominated. They’re trying to get rid of any other institution that opposes them. I don’t care what church it is, they’re trying to get rid of it, if they can’t get rid of it they’re trying to infiltrate it so the church doesn’t stand for what it used to anymore. They’re trying to get rid of talk radio, trying to get rid of the right-wing blogs on the Internet. They’re a minority made to appear as a majority because they have the media on their side.

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