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RUSH: So Obama is now putting on his ambulance-chaser hat. He’s gonna send inspectors to all these troubled mines. He’s always going in to get the credit for compassion, after whatever disaster takes place. Here he is this morning in Washington, DC, in the Rose Garden.

OBAMA: This tragedy was triggered by a failure at the Upper Big Branch Mine, a failure first and foremost of management, but also a failure of oversight and a failure of laws so riddled will loopholes that they allow unsafe conditions to continue. Owners responsible for conditions in the Upper Big Branch Mine should be held accountable for decisions they made and preventive measures they failed to take. And I’ve asked Secretary Solis to work with the Justice Department to ensure that every tool in the federal government is available in this investigation.

RUSH: Oh. So there were new regulations put into place after the Sago disaster but somehow there were loopholes in there. This is code word. ‘Bush didn’t handle it. I gotta go in there. I gotta save the day now.’ If it happens on his watch, he constantly acts like he’s not in charge of the government. It happened on his watch! He’s gotta big National Labor Relations Board guy in there. Here’s another clip — and notice, has to beat up here on the greedy Republican capitalist mine owner. Here’s the second bite.

OBAMA: Stronger mine safety laws were passed in 2006 after the Sago mine disaster. But safety violators like Massey have still been able to find ways to put their bottom line before the safety of their workers, filing endless appeals instead of paying fines and fixing safety problems. To help ensure that mine companies no longer use a strategy of endless litigation to evade their responsibilities, we need to tackle the backlog of cases at the Mine Safety and Health Review Commission.

RUSH: Oh. Lawsuits are a bad thing now. Lawsuits are a bad thing! So here he goes again: Assessing liability from the Oval Office just like he did with the Cambridge cops and Professor Gates — ‘Skip’ Gates, a good friend of his. This is all a part of the regime’s plan to paint themselves as the compassionate entity here, and once again, the private sector just can’t be relied on. The private sector doesn’t care about people. The private sector doesn’t care about anybody but profit, and we are going to wipe it out.


RUSH: President Obama, you forget to mention anything about the unions in these mine disasters. Where are they looking out for their members, hmm?


RUSH: So I checked the e-mail during the break and a bunch of people say, ‘Hey, Rush, there was no union at that mine. At that Massey mine there was no union. Blankenship kept the union out of there. You can’t blame the union for it.’ The left are trying to blame the Massey disaster on its union busting, in fact. But: ‘In 2009 the National Labor Relations Board agreed with a decision that Massey Energy rehire 85 coal miners who said they had been discriminated against because they were union members.’ So there were union workers there, and so the United Mine Workers should have been overseeing their safety. United Mine Workers of America. There were union workers at that mine, and the left is trying to say, ‘You can’t say that, Limbaugh! Why it’s a nonunion shop. That SOB CEO got rid of all the unions!’ No, no. He agreed to bring back 85 of them. You people, it’s been 21 years. At some point you are going to learn: If you go up against me on a challenge of fact, you are going to be wrong. It’s just that simple.

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