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RUSH: This is Holly as we go back to the phones to Powell, Wyoming. Nice to have you on the program, and I’m glad you waited, welcome.

CALLER: Bitter clinger dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Thank you so much for taking my call. I’m so upset today I don’t know whether to sit down and cry or stand up and scream so I thought I’d call you for advice.

RUSH: Well, we can do both then.

CALLER: I wanted to share with you, I had a call from my son this morning who is in high school, he called me between class, he said, ‘Mom, you’re never going to believe what just happened in my government class. The teacher started going on a rant about the tea parties today, and then she said something like, ‘The old people just need to shut up and go along with what needs to be done for this country,’ and then later she said, ‘This country will be better off when the old people are gone.”

RUSH: Really?

CALLER: And I’m thinking, okay, here I am in rural, conservative, Wyoming, and if my son’s class is getting fed this garbage, how many other kids across this country are getting fed this garbage today?

RUSH: All of them.

CALLER: How many millions of kids are getting this kind of garbage? I mean, before I go and light into this woman, I need to calm down a little bit. I’m spitting-nails mad.

RUSH: Are you going to go confront the woman or are you going to go confront administrators at the school?

CALLER: Probably both together, get everybody in the same room at the same time. I don’t know what good it will do, but I mean this kind of attitude, who does this woman think she is? I mean my dad, my uncle, my father-in-law, these people all laid their life on the line for this country so that she has the freedom to spout this drivel that she’s spouting.

RUSH: It sounds like this woman is practically in favor of death panels.

CALLER: I don’t know. You know, never talked to her about it at all.

RUSH: How else would you interpret it? I mean we’ve had a governor not far from you in Colorado, Richard Lamm, (paraphrasing) ‘Old people have a duty to die and get out of the way, because they’re too much of a financial burden later in their life, we just can’t afford them anymore,’ and that’s essentially what this dummkopf teacher just told your kid.

CALLER: Does she think she’s not going to be old someday?

RUSH: No. Young people never do, they can’t imagine it, and they think that when they’re old they’re still going to be young, young at heart, young physically and so forth. But by that time all the problems will be fixed, if we just get rid of the problem makers now, by the time your teacher gets up there in age, everything will be fine and dandy.

CALLER: I don’t know. There are days when I just want to sit and cry. I don’t know whether it’s better to just stand up and start screaming and have everybody look at me and go, ‘Oh, there she goes again,’ or just sit down and cry and be quiet.

RUSH: No, you can’t afford to be quiet about this. Your son, by the way, didn’t buy it, right?

CALLER: Oh, no. And I said, ‘Well, did you say anything in class?’ He said, ‘No, mom, it wouldn’t have gone anywhere, it wasn’t worth it, so I thought I’d just call and tell you about it.’ I said, ‘Okay.’

RUSH: When you talk to him next you need to ask him just for your own curiosity, you need to ask him how many students in the class bought it versus how many had the same reaction he did.

CALLER: Probably about half and half from some of the other comments he’s made about the class.

RUSH: You could go to the administrator and the teacher, ‘I want to see where in the textbook it says this. I want you to show me in the curriculum and the textbook where it says that the problem in America is the old people and they ought to just find a way to go away. Show me what page. Show me that question on the test that you’re gonna give my son.’

CALLER: I just want to know where our educational establishment gets off going off on these ideas? Where do they —

RUSH: All of this is not coming to pass. Holly, I’ve been behind the Golden EIB Microphone for 21 years. Indoctrination is what’s taking place. Your son’s not being educated.


RUSH: They’re trying to indoctrinate him with a pure leftist agenda. It’s not about education. He’s taking government class, right? When’s the last time they were taught the Constitution?

CALLER: Well, they’re supposedly learning that this year, but I think my son knows more about the Constitution than what’s being taught in the class.

RUSH: I’m sure that’s the truth if he’s got you as a mom.

CALLER: The disrespect for our older generation, I mean propaganda is one thing, but disrespect is totally another thing.

RUSH: Holly, Holly, it’s worse, it’s not a disrespect for the older generation. It’s a disrespect for the country as it was founded, it’s a disrespect for the traditions and institutions that have made the country great. Your teacher has not got a brain, this teacher is not intellectually superior to anybody. She’s been brainwashed herself. She’s been educated by the same people educated Obama, probably has the same view of this country Obama does, probably agrees with everything Obama says when he apologizes for the country. It’s been part of the academic curricula from college on down to high school for a number of years now, decades. And it’s all effervescing now to the surface, right out in the open. Actually, this is somewhat of a positive in a way, Holly, because the teacher is not new, the teacher and what she’s teaching isn’t new. The reaction of your son is what’s new. The reaction of your son calling, ‘Hey, mom, guess what this lunatic broad just told us in class?’ That’s what’s new. Ten, 15 years ago the kids would be lapping it all up and be coming home and telling you what a rotten place America is, what a rotten bunch of people old people are and would have been agreeing with the teacher. Anyway, Holly, I’m glad you called. I would encourage you to take the meeting with these people and just ask them where in the textbook any of this is. Keep your cool. Keep your cool. Feel very comfortable, confident, in telling them that they have not cracked your son’s mind. That he still is an independent thinker, and try to have as much fun with it as you can.

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