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Rush’s Morning Update: Perfect Storm
April 15, 2010

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Now that the health care takeover is in the books, the Democrats have a new challenge. Immigration activists are telling Congressional Democrats in no uncertain terms they want an immigration bill, and they want it introduced by the end of the month.

In a conference call with reporters, pro-amnesty activists praised the Senate majority leader, Dingy Harry Reid, for promising to work on immigration reform this year,and dumped on Republicans for standing in the way. National Immigration Forum director Ali Noorani threw down the gauntlet. “In DC, we are making sure that each and every office understands that they are expected to make a choice,” he said. And as always with liberals, “choice” means exactly the opposite.

Now, let’s see. Unemployment is still hovering near 10 percent. Economists are predicting it will take years for the job market to rebound,and some jobs may never return. We havea persistent real-estate slump, record foreclosures,millions of underwater mortgages;add to the mix opposition is still rising over the health care law, as more people learn it’s worse than they imagined, and this is promising.

You Democrats: Go for it! Please! I double-dare you! Go ahead, launch a full-court press for illegal immigrants to be granted amnestyagainst the will of the American people!

November is drawing closer, andit is shaping up to be the perfect stormto sweep bucket-loads of you liberals out of power.

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