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Rush’s Morning Update: Just Asking
April 14, 2010

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg recently spoke at Georgetown University Law School, leading a panel discussion about women who practice before the Supreme Court; it sounded more like the Oprah show, though.

Justice “Buzzi” Ginsburg says the best thing that womenlawyers can do to have successful careers is marry a schlu –guy willing to put her needs ahead of his;a confident guy who won’t be threatened by her success. Ginsburg explains that as her career took off, her husband Marty put his law career on hold to support her rise through the judicial ranks. When Jimmy Carter appointed her to the DC Court of Appeals, Marty quit his job in New York and transferred to DC. “Buzzi” Ginsburg proudly reveals that Marty, now a Georgetown law professor, has become a “super chef,” performing the cooking duties at home. She brags: “I haven’t cooked a meal in 30 years”. (Neither have I.)

To boot: Marty, who once believed his work was just as important as hers,now believes that hers is more important. “It takes that kind of strong man, willing to support his wife, for her career to truly be a success,” is what “Buzzi”Ginsburg advises female lawyers.

Now, look, folks:this is America (for now). Live and let live. But a cultural question here:If a successful male were to brag that his wife put his needs above hers, and then revealed the wife was relegated to kitchen dtuyfor 30 years,do you think he’d be regarded as an “enlightened man”?

I mean, I’m just asking.

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