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RUSH: Now, I’ve told you about Jason Mattera, big fan of this program, sent me a letter with his book, Obama Zombies, saying that I had played an instrumental role in inspiring him and motivating him to seek his own niche in the media as a career. And he’s done it. He’s tracking people down and asking them questions that if they were a Republican, they would be asked daily. This is in March, this happened last month on Capitol Hill while walking in the hallway. We have a montage of an exchange here between the author and journalist Jason Mattera and Barney Frank.

MATTERA: With the bad economy and all do you think you can give me advice on how to start my own brothel? Well, you have experience in these matters. Maybe I can make some extra cash on the side?

Frank: No because you’re really too silly to talk to. I have never…

MATTERA: Too silly?

FRANK: …a brothel.

MATTERA: Well you had one running out of your apartment.

FRANK: The house Ethics Committee…

MATTERA: I know your buddies on the House cleared you but you didn’t — you didn’t think something was up? I mean, your house didn’t like smell a little funny at night when you returned?

FRANK: No because it was not in my house, it was in…

MATTERA: Your apartment, yeah.

FRANK: No it wasn’t in my apartment. And there was no prostitution activity going on in the basement apartment that I lived in.

RUSH: No prostitution activity in the basement apartment I lived in. Now, we’ve had Steve Gobie, who was Barney’s significant other at the time, on this program saying the opposite, and Gobie, of course, got his parking tickets fixed by Barney. It continued.

MATTERA: I wanted to know, you know, how can we expect change from someone like you when you turned a blind eye towards Fannie Mae’s corruption.

FRANK: Well that’s not true.

MATTERA: …because they were like stuffing your campaign coffers and you were having sexual relations with one of their executives!

FRANK: No. In the first place he was – the man I was living with was not an executive. He had an entry level job beginning in 1990.

MATTERA: So you’re telling me Fannie Mae’s…

FRANK: I’m saying that you’re…

MATTERA: …insolvency…

FRANK: …interrupting me and not listening to me.

MATTERA: You’re saying Fannie Mae’s insolvency wasn’t…

FRANK: I’m saying that what, excuse me.

MATTERA: …wasn’t pillow talk at night?

FRANK: No. And I’m telling you that your refusal to listen doesn’t speak well to your interest in having change.

MATTERA: I’m — I’m interested…

FRANK: No you’re not. You keep interrupting me.

MATTERA: No, I’m not, you said…

FRANK: Yes. You keep interrupting me.

MATTERA: You said you wanted to roll the dice on Fannie Mae…

FRANK: You wanna…

MATTERA: …and now my generation…

FRANK: …let me talk…

MATTERA: …is stuck with the debt you guys are instituting.

RUSH: Now, if Barney Frank were a Republican, I mean, this is the kind of stuff he’d be peppered with each and every day. This is Jason Mattera, journalist-author. And the final portion of the exchange is next.

MATTERA: And you didn’t talk about subsidized housing with him or rolling the dice, ever?

FRANK: Oh I did — not rolling the dice — I did talk about my skepticism about the policy of both Clinton and Bush of getting low income people into ownership. My view was always that that was a mistake. That, in fact, they should be helped to rent housing. And I was very critical of both Clinton and Bush’s policy of pushing low income people into buying housing that they couldn’t afford.

RUSH: What? He was critical of Clinton and Bush for getting people into housing when they should have been renting? Bush? Bush is who tried to stop this. It was Barney Frank and Chris Dodd who conceived the — well, it was actually conceived by Carter, and it was given life by Clinton, and then Barney Frank and Chris Dodd expanded on the program. Now, here Barney is out there saying — and I’m sure Jason was stunned, which is why he was rendered silent when Barney was saying, ‘No, no, I was trying to stop this, I was trying to make sure that these people were not lent money to be able to buy houses.’ Jason Mattera, you’ll be hearing a lot about him.


RUSH: If Barney Frank were a Republican, ladies and gentlemen, he would have experienced Mark Foley’s fate. He would have been gone, and the housing market might well have survived if Barney Frank had gone. It could be argued that Barney Frank actually did far worse than Mark Foley. Foley didn’t run a prostitution ring out of his apartment or townhouse or whatever. As for interns, I assume Democrats don’t want to talk about interns, given their hero, Bill Clinton and all. Whatever happened to him? Oh, yeah! Bill Clinton went on to be a famous Internet citizen after the Monica Lewinsky sexcapade. If any of these guys had been Democrats it would have been all over for them, and who knows the damage this country would have been spared.

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