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RUSH: On this very program behind this very microphone, your host said:

RUSH ARCHIVE: You know, they’re looking for a new judge to replace Paula Abdul on American Idol. Obama! He’s doing television everywhere else. Nobody wants Ellen DeGeneres on there to be a judge. Paula’s gone, so put Obama! He could be on TV every Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday night in the important winter months when people are staying at home. So let Obama, if he’s willing to call Kanye West a jackass, imagine what he could say about some of the other talent on American Idol.

RUSH: Well, that’s not what I said the day after the program, I said that September 15th of 2009. I gave the broadcast engineer the wrong number of sound bite to start with. But nevertheless, I said it, I predicted it, I made a joke about it, and he’s going to be on American Idol! He and Michelle are going to appear on American Idol to tout something or other. I swear, every time I start making jokes about these people, whatever it is, they happen. They come true.

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