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RUSH: For you dog lovers, I put a couple of new pictures of Abbey up at RushLimbaugh.com and a short little video that I took with the iPhone the other night of Abbey demanding that I play fetch with her. It’s about 17 seconds long, and people have been asking for updates. Oh, and people want to know how Punkin’s doing. Punkin hates the dog. Punkin was in the house for 12 years before the dog showed up. It’s never going to improve. The dog still wants to play with Punkin. Punkin doesn’t see it that way. Punkin sneaks in the room to see me. If she sees the dog, the dog’s asleep, she literally stalks, like she’s sneaking through a jungle, going the other way around the room to get to where I am. It’s the funniest thing in the world. I pick her up and say, ‘Punkin, the dog only wants to play with you.’ She just looks at me like, ‘What have you done to me?’ Plaintive look in her eyes.

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