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Rush’s Morning Update: Searchlight
April 7, 2010

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A couple of days ago,close to 100 people gathered in the little town of Searchlight, Nevada to help Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid kick off his re-election bid. Days earlier in Searchlight, over 10,000 tea party members attended the largest political rally in Nevada history to launch their campaign to give Dingy Harry the boot. (And, of course, he disparaged them.)

Reid claimed not to understand what the tea party wants. He said he understands why some people are angry at Washington; he understandspeople have lost their jobs, and foreclosure rates are skyrocketing. But, he says, the tea party people “who are really upsetdon’t really know why they’re upset.” “What do they mean,” Dingy Harry wonders, “when they call for more liberty and freedom?” He actually said that!

And so there you have it. With Nevada– his state– on the edge of economic ruin, with the leader of theregime,Obama, bad-mouthing Las Vegas at every opportunity, Dingy Harry believes that people are too stupid too know why they’re upset. After ramming a government health care takeover down their throats against their will, Dingy Harry doesn’t understand why people are demanding their freedoms and liberties be restored.

I mean, it’s amazing, but Dingy Harry literally cannot grasp how exasperated and angry the American electorate is –even with his own poll numbers being in the tank –over the run-amok liberal policies of this current regime, over the out-of-control spending and debt,over Democrats governing against the will of the people. The man who declared, “This war is lost,” is apparently lost himself. A precursor, Dingy Harry,to November:You’re a loser. Get used to it.

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