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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, ‘Obama administration officials said Sunday that the public shouldn’t expect any dramatic improvement in the jobless rate.’ The regime said that the public should not expect any dramatic improvement in the jobless rate. In fact, the regime, they had many members on the Sunday shows, all over the place, and these guys were saying, ‘Let me tell you what’s going to happen. The unemployment rate is going to go up because people who have quit looking are now going to be inspired to start looking again.’ When you’re not looking, you’re not counted. When you are looking, you are counted. This is brainwash type stuff. But they’re setting the table now for what I predicted, a new normal unemployment rate of nine-and-a-half to ten-and-a-half percent, and they’re just warning everybody out there, ‘jobless rate may rise as many are drawn back to the labor force.’

Oil is exploding, what is it now, nearing $87, and the speculators are getting blamed for this because the laws of supply and demand say the price should be going down, but the speculators are bidding on the price to go up because of the jobs report. It means the economy is coming back, they expect there to be greater demand, when, if you look at this jobs number, it’s a sham. It really doesn’t indicate anything, and we’re going to get into more detail of that as the program unfolds. But, look, most of the job growth is census, temporary people that don’t have employment benefits at all. Who knew that hiring census workers would change the world outlook and cause the oil price to go up? I mean, that’s how you have to look at this. The oil price is rising ’cause we hired a bunch of temporary census workers.


RUSH: Robert B. Reichhhhhhhhh on his blog. ‘The US economy added 162,000 jobs in March. Great news until you look more closely. In March, the federal government began hiring census takers big time. These are six-month temp jobs, and they tell us nothing about underlying trends in the labor market. It’s hard to gauge precisely how many were hired — probably between 100,000 and 140,000, although some estimates put the hiring as low as 48,000,’ but Reich doesn’t believe that. ‘Almost a million census workers will need to be hired over the next few months. Subtract these, and today’s job numbers are good but nothing to write home about.’ So it’s a no-jobs recovery, no less than Robert B. Reichhhh putting it out there.

And Obama milked the heck out of this, out of the unemployment report on Friday. More people have jobs, more people are going to factories, more — I thought this was very strange — more people are going to ‘storefronts’. When’s the last time you went to a storefront, Brian, and just stood there? More people are going to ‘storefronts’? Well, here’s the way to really look at this: 15 million Americans don’t go to work, 15 million Americans don’t have jobs, and 15 million Americans don’t go to ‘storefronts’.

I mean, we need to put this in proper perspective. Obama seemed very pleased talking about the 162,000 jobs, and then he sends members of the regime out on television Sunday: ‘Oh, no, no, no, no, no big deal, look, expect the unemployment rate to keep hovering where it is, maybe even a little higher for the next four to five years.’ Because, as I said, they expect people all excited now. We’re hiring people. So those who have given up work are gonna start looking for work and when they start looking for work, they’re counted as unemployed. The real unemployment percentage is about 16%. That’s called U6, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and if you count the people who are not looking with the people who are, you got 16%. It’s 9.7, 9.8 if you only count the people who are actively looking for a job.

Have you noticed he stopped talking about jobs saved? No more jobs saved out there. If he’s going to brag about 162,000 new jobs and ignore the alleged two million saved jobs — I mean, two million’s a way bigger number than 162,000. So, I mean, I think that tells you that jobs saved was just Obama-speak or Biden-speak or Pelosi-speak. But you break it down to 162,000 jobs, 100,000 of them Census, 39,000 of them state and city… The number of private sector jobs minuscule, and that’s where economic growth needs to take place for us to regain jobs.

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