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Rush’s Morning Update: The Kitchen
Original Airdate: February 10, 2010

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A recent column by the once-influential Washington Post writer, E.J. Dionne, Jr.,urges Democrats to “finish the kitchen,” or else risk voters’ wrath in November.

The phrase is the latest slogan liberals are using to try to rally themselves. It’s based on a story Congressman Jay Inslee from Washington State told the Democrat Caucus. When the Republicans won Congress in 1994, Inslee was swept out,although he was re-elected four years later. Inslee blames the ’94 defeat on the failure of Democrats to pass health care reform.

Inslee’s story is about his home kitchen renovation that took a long time to complete. After eighth months, Inslee recalls, “there were still wire hanging down from everywhere,” and he was having problems with the building inspector. But now, Congressman Inslee says, “I love that kitchen. I bake bread in that kitchen. My wife cooks great meals in that kitchen.” The punch line? When it comes to health care reform, Democrats have to “finish the kitchen.”

According to the column, Inslee’s story so inspired Democrats that they pass him in the halls of Congress now and say, “Finish the kitchen!”

It may not be “Give me liberty or give me death,”but I must admit, this is touching story for liberals. We have a rugged individual, conquering all odds to bake bread in his renovated kitchen. (I mean, it isbetter than Brokeback Mountain — you have to admit.)

So, you Democrats: Listen to Inslee. Finish your kitchen. And then American voters can show you the bathroomon your way out the door.

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