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RUSH: Here’s the proof on the phony story The Politico ran about protesters putting a coffin on the front yard at Russ Carnahan’s house in Missouri. This is an interview with Carnahan spokesman Sara Howard, our Kansas City affiliate, 980 KMBZ morning news, Eyeball News. This is the exchange between the cohost, Ellen Schenk and Sara Howard, who is the Carnahan spokesbabe.

SCHENK: Does the congressman feel like there’s any real threat to his safety or his family’s.

HOWARD: No, I don’t think he feels threatened.

RUSH: ‘No, he doesn’t feel threatened,’ because they were praying for him. They were praying for him! They took the coffin away. It continued.

E.J. BECKER: Did somebody go drop a coffin on the congressman’s lawn and leave it there? That’s the rumor.

HOWARD: Oh, no, I don’t think so —

E.J. BECKER: That’s the rumor.

HOWARD: — and I know there’s been some confusion about this. I’ve seen some news reports that probably mischaracterizing what happened.

MAN: That’s what it sounds like, yeah.


RUSH: ‘Yeah, that’s what it sounds like,’ and why did it happen? Because the template at Politico and throughout the State-Controlled Media is what we’re seeing since Tuesday, and that is, ‘The tea parties are filled with violence, and they have overthrow in their hearts and minds!’ This is the accusation. This is the thought. While all the genuine violence, all the genuine rioting, all the genuine destruction of property takes place when people on the left get together and get angry about something. I want to play Stupak. I want to make a point about people calling Stupak. First off, his office released a number of phone calls from unidentified callers that he alleges he has received since the passage of health reform on Sunday, and we put together a montage of some of the calls.

WOMAN: Congressman Stupak, you are one big piece of human (bleep). Think about this: There are millions of people across the country who wish you ill.

MAN: Stupak, you’re a baby murdering, scumbag, pile of steaming crap. That’s what you are. You and your family are scum. You ought to fill your pockets with lead and jump in the Potomac.

RUSH: So that caller is asking for Stupak to kill himself, basically wearing a cement swimsuit and jumping in the river. But let’s go back. I want to go back to Thursday last week on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown. The guest was Bart Stupak and the cohost Savannah Guthrie said, ‘Congressman Stupak, we noticed in your quote where you said that since you’ve come out and taken a stand like this,’ meaning a pro-life stance on the health care bill, ‘that your life has been a living hell. What does that mean?’

STUPAK: What does it mean? It means, uhh, that some people, uh, who disagree with me, we can’t have a(n) honest discussion about it.

ANCHOR: Aw, jeez.

STUPAK: You get cussed out wherever you go. Unfortunately for my wife, she’s gotta unplug her phone at night because you get the phone calls at two, three in the morning they want to cuss you out.


STUPAK: She can’t even do that. My staff is overwhelmed and we’re accosted, basically, wherever we go by people who disagree. We should have been disagreements in this country. I, for one, stand on a principle that most Americans agree with. There’s no reason for that language, abusive behavior to my family, my staff, or even myself.

RUSH: Now, this was last week. This was before he sold out. So what do you think is calling him? Pro-choicers! Pro-choicers are calling him, here. Democrats are calling him. They’re the ones making his life a living hell. He hadn’t sold out by Thursday. That didn’t happen ’til Sunday afternoon. They were working on him. You’d have to say that most of the people calling Stupak and his wife to make his life ‘a living hell’ had to be members of his own party. I just wanted to point that out.


RUSH: Here’s Paul, West Palm Beach, Florida, great to have you on the-program, sir, hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Great.

CALLER: My comment — and I want to be brief; I know it’s the end of your program — is your point on the quote, unquote, aggressiveness of the conservatives and the Republicans. I just find it laughable. It’s not my experience with all the people I know who oppose this bill. But I wanted to point out that the first thing I thought of was the aftermath of the Gore-Bush election when everyone was going crazy and the Democrats were so aggressive, and when the Republicans stood up to them, everyone was in shock. You know, how can these Republicans be standing up to us? A very low level of assertiveness was a shock to the libs. And now they think that, you know, we’re all of a sudden capable of this, you know, leaving coffins on people’s front lawn?

RUSH: You know, that’s an excellent point because the Florida aftermath, especially for us in this area, because I mean that’s where the butterfly ballot was and all these poor people thought they voted for Buchanan. Yeah, and we had all these Democrats, what was that commissioner’s name, Carol what’s-her-face, I can’t remember her name.

CALLER: Can I tell you a quick story about that?

RUSH: Yeah, I was at Palm Beach International during that whole mess and I started chatting with a guy who turned out to be a low level curator from the Smithsonian, and he was collecting signs. And he was shocked, he was like, ‘I’m a lib, I can’t believe how many people are fighting this.’

RUSH: It was near riotous. It was near riotous. The Democrats were going bonkers, so I know some Republicans went down there and carried signs where they were counting the ballots and so forth and you go out to Miami-Dade, the Brooks Brothers brigade, these well-dressed Republicans showed up to make sure that the counting of the ballots, recount down there was being done properly and fairly, and, you’re right, that ticked off the Democrats because nobody treated them that way, whatever they wanted to do with government they got away with doing. They were in the process of trying to steal an election and people stood up to them and so forth. Oh, yeah, I’d forgotten all about that. Yeah, great examples of Democrat Party civility there, tremendous examples of it.

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