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“The real death threat is this legislation. The Democratshave aroused a majority of people in this country with their bill and their lawless attempt to pass it.”

“When is the last time you can recall a bunch of conservatives having a riot, disrupting a congressional hearing, orcoming out with books and movies on how to assassinate a president?”

“The Democrats are losing the information war on the health care bill. They’re trying to distract everybody’s attention from it. This is all part of a plan to criminalize dissent.”

“Do you remember all those stories about Republican offices, Bush-Cheney offices being vandalized during the campaign? Did we get three days of stories about those?”

“Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Hoyer, Mr. Clyburn, if you were to get out of town you would find out the American people are mad, and it doesn’t just confine itself to the Republican Party. People all over the country are losing their homes, jobs, and hope for any significant improvement in the future.”

“The simple fact of the matter is that the kind of behavior these people are running around scared to death of and accusing people of, they are the authors of this kind of behavior. These are the people that wrote the book on how to do this.”

“There’s genuine anger. A lot of Americans, Mr. Hoyer, think you’re destroying the country, and you’re smiling while you go about it.”

“I’ve gotten more threatening phone calls on the air than these calls I’ve heard left on voice mail messages to these weenie, cowardly members of Congress. They are cowards from top to bottom.”

“Every time we disagree with these people we have to hear how we’re racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes, and all the rest. Is that not hate speech, especially when it’s lies? The left is the architect, the author of hate speech.”

“Do you remember when everybody in the media was just ripping George Bush to pieces ’cause gasoline got to three bucks a gallon? Well, it’s there again. Gas prices up a dollar a gallon since Obama was immaculated, and they are expected to go over three dollars a gallon during the summer driving season.”

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