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RUSH: To the phones we go Waterloo, Iowa. Ann, great that you waited, and welcome to the program.

CALLER: (yelling over bad cell connection) Dittos, Rush!

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Dittos. I’m here. We’re at Iowa City at the university. I was invited by University of Iowa students to come protest and here we’re —

RUSH: Hey, wait just a second. Ann, why are you yelling?

CALLER: Well, I don’t know — excited. (giggling) I’m excited because I finally have a group of people who are against Obama and realize he is a terror to our country. He is ripping and trying to break us apart and there are a lot of people finally waking up, and I am thrilled to be around them, and I’m thrilled to have been invited by an Iowa City student. As a matter of fact, they’re all around. All around us. Here’s a law student. Say hi to Rush.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how you doing?

RUSH: I’m very well, sir, you’re a law student?

CALLER: Yeah, I’m a law student, man.

RUSH: Well, make sure you obey it today. Whatever you do — if you’re a law student — you tell these guys and these people that group you to obey the law. Do not give them what they want.

CALLER: Absolutely, Rush. You got it.

RUSH: I mean, blow kisses at them. You know, put some T-shirts say FREE LOVE! Do what they were doing in the sixties: Love forever, endless sex, whatever.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) Make it all touchy-feely stuff. Do not break the law.

CALLER: They’re all around here. There are some counter-protesters here. They’re getting blown over by the wind but, bless their hearts, they’re trying real hard and I think one of them had an aluminum foil hat on. It was pretty hilarious to see.

RUSH: (laughing) Good. Have fun with it. Just have fun with it and tell ’em to obey the law. Do not give Obama and the Democrats in the media what they’re hoping for at these rallies. You know, go on topless. Put ‘free love’ on your shirts like the hippies used to do back in the sixties in San Francisco. Wear some flowers in your hair. Pretend it’s Woodstock out there. You know, smoke some marijuana. Obama might come out and join you. It may be against the law, yeah, you’re right, but it’s never enforced, is it? I mean, you can tell ’em you’re all sick because of the health care bill and you need the medical marijuana to make yourselves deal with the pain of what Obama has personally brought to Iowa City. Have fun with this stuff, folks.

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