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“Joe Biden said it yesterday. It is a big F-ing deal — and we are the ones getting F’d.”

“Individuals suing to get out of federalized health care. I hope things like this pop up all over the place like flowers in the spring. This is the exact kind of thing that needs to be happening.”

“I’m going to tell you something, and this is for my media brethren, those of you in the media on my side of things, we need to turn over a new leaf here, and we need to have our own agenda that we are on offense on every day.”

“Government can’t keep you in your home when you’re doing nothing to keep yourself in your home. They just can’t do it, and now people are committing suicide in Philadelphia ahead of being foreclosed on. Now, if George Bush were president, that’s all we’d be hearing, ‘Bush is killing people. People are killing themselves because of Bush,’ or any other Republican.”

“I have to think that even the people that love this health care bill have to know somebody’s paying for it. They just don’t think it’s them.”

“Yeah, it’s amazing, folks. Did you ever dream when you were a kid that you could make $88,000 a year, have a flat-screen TV on the wall in the suburbs, a couple cars, and be on welfare?”
“Let’s sum up the Obama administration so far. Obama is affirmatively killing jobs. He is killing blue-collar jobs.”

“Any demagogue can make promises and any demagogue can make claims, but when Obama’s talk is put to the test — when we see the outcomes — we have nothing but failure. He has not made good on a single promise.”

“Obama is out there saying the sky hasn’t fallen since the bill was signed. Well, the sky wasn’t falling when you said it was falling, Mr. President.”

“Conservatism, it works every time it’s tried.”

“Where there’s smoke there’s Rush. The reason they attack me and the reason I’m honored by the enemies I have, is they need villains. Their ideas don’t sell themselves.”

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