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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, there is an entire propaganda effort in the media to treat opposition to socialism and the Democrat Party as extremism. I got the sound bite roster today. There is so much hatred for me in the Drive-By Media, from last night and today, it may set a record. They are just wild out there. I didn’t see any of last night ’cause I of course had better things to do than to watch State-Controlled Media. Bart Stupak is getting death threats after voting in support of the health care bill. Bart Stupak is getting death threats. Well, you know, I receive death threats. Republicans receive death threats. I mean we’re all called names. I have horrific e-mail calling me all kinds of names. Do we go public with it and whine and moan? No. It’s a league we play in. But they take these occasions to try to portray all of us as extremists, racists, bigots, sexists, homophobes, all of that. All we do is accuse Obama or Pelosi or Reid of being who they are and, of course, you tell the truth about these people and they come gunning for you. You gotta hear this. I’m going to be playing this to the point you get sick of hearing it, but I’m going to be playing this to the point that everybody understands, from the mouth of the highest ranking, longest serving Democrat in the House, what this is really all about.

DINGELL: Paul W. (Smith), we’re not ready to be doing it, but let me remind you, this has been going on for years. We are bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.

RUSH: To control the people. There you have it. You want to hear a funny story? And, yes, it’s funny. And I hope this happened all over the country yesterday. I have a friend who went in to get a mammogram. My friend understands that they’re not free yet. Preventive care is free. Obama said it yesterday at the signing ceremony, mammogram, colonoscopy, all those things are free, they’re just free, they’re going to be provided free. So a friend of mine had to go in and get a mammogram yesterday fully understanding they’re not free yet, is fully understanding what we’re dealing with here but while she was there a woman came in, she doesn’t know what she came in for, in the doctor’s office, she doesn’t know what her illness was but she walked in, whatever it was she expected it to be covered. And the nurse, whoever the administration person in the office was, ‘Uh, uh, uh, sorry, uh, your treatment here is not covered.’ And the woman looked genuinely shocked, ‘What? Didn’t you know that it passed yesterday? This isn’t supposed to cost me anything now.’ And then she said, ‘Well, when does it start, if I can’t get this done now, when does it start?’ And the nurse said, ‘I don’t know. I don’t know when it starts.’ So how many times do you think that happened in hospitals and doctor’s offices and emergency rooms yesterday? People walked in, like this guy from Raleigh, North Carolina, I wonder if he thought yesterday was Christmas.

FLYTHE: It’s just going to be like Christmas, I mean, it’s going to be great. No worries, you know, the bills, we can go ahead and pay our copay and be all right.

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah. So how many people walked into doctor’s offices, emergency rooms in hospitals and said, ‘Hmm, I have this problem here and I know it’s free now, or it’s covered.’ And they have to say, ‘Well, no, your insurance doesn’t cover that.’ So I’ll tell you what we’re looking at here, folks, and it’s heinous, it’s insidious. The use of ill or sick people as props continued by the Democrat Party, it’s truly pathetic. If we were to surround ourselves by people who have benefited from the health care system, where would we fit the 300 million people? They can pull out five or six, seven or eight, here or there and tarnish the greatest health care system in the world. If we were to play the game we’d need a room filled with 300 million people to show those who have benefited from our health care system, and if Republicans were to surround themselves with people denied care from Medicare, denied care from Medicaid and the VA, where would we find a stadium big enough to show those people? Because the VA, Medicare, Medicaid, declines coverage of people all the time. So there are sob stories that are created by Obamacare, sob stories created by Democrat-created health care plans prior to this one.

Now, the media will pick up on my next comments here, and this will be tonight’s example of hate speech on the State-Controlled Media. So roll out there on State-Controlled Media if you’re looking for today’s installment of hate speech, here it comes. Obama is now going to use — are you rolling? — okay, take two. Obama is now going to use his deceit and his propaganda skills to claim that the dire problems from his plan have not been realized. He’s gonna go out starting tomorrow in Iowa City and all next week when he goes out to sell this embarrassing piece of legislation, and he’s going to say, ‘Where’s all the sob stories? Where are all the dire problems? Anybody pull the plug on Granny?’ He’s gonna go out, and all of these fearmongering scare tactics supposedly made up by people like me are going to be held up as just that, nobody’s pulled the plug on Granny or any of that.

Well, he knows the plan’s implemented in phases, and according to the election cycle, he’s implemented a lot of things according to that, he’s going to claim that people will already benefit from the plan when in fact people won’t realize anything until it starts to kick in.

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