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RUSH: I’m thinking about that Politico piece here from Carrie Budoff Brown in which she says: Oh, the Democrats are really smart here, because they have timed a lot of the goodies to kick in — not all of them by any means — right before the November elections but all of the pain and poison pills don’t kick in until after the 2012 election. This is said to be something that will harm Republican reelection chances in our effort to take over the House and maybe the Senate in November. Well, Ms. Budoff Brown and all of you at The Politico: As far as I know, none of the bad stuff kicked in during the debate before the pill passed, either, and we still had a majority of Americans opposing the bill even though none of the bad stuff happened. Of course nothing happened during the debate, but look: No matter how you want to slice it, nowhere near a majority of the people supports this health care bill.

That having been said, we need to keep talking about what’s coming in the bill now that it is law, just like we were discussing what was coming if it were made into a law. We need to be talking about what’s going to happen next year, what was going to happen in 2012 and 2013; how it’s so bad that Obama pushed off a lot of the worst of the bill until after the next presidential race because he knows it stinks. This is not hard to say. It’s the truth. We have been saying this throughout this year-long debate. No reason to stop now. Now is the time to ratchet this up. Here is another twist. Here’s another twist. I think that in the meantime, we ought to start demanding all of the benefits. We want the premium reductions now! We want access to free services now, like the free preventive care like colonoscopies and whatever, mammograms.

We want the deficit reduction starting now! We want all the promises today. We don’t want the promises in 2014; we don’t want the promises in 2019. We want it now! We want all of the goodies in this bill to happen immediately. Because after all, most of the people that supported it think the stuff happens immediately. If Obama is to be true to his word, if Obama’s to be true to his supporters who voted in support of this thing, we want it all now: Deficit reduction, free services, and the reduction in premiums. We want all these kids that are gonna get to stay on their parents’ policies until 27. We want that on now. We want the preexisting condition insurance changed so that it happened right now. We want 32 million people without health care to have it this week. We don’t want to wait until 2015 for these poor, unfortunate people. We’ve already been told that 127 people are dying a day because they don’t have health insurance.

Well, now we’ve got health care ‘reform,’ and until 2014, 127 people will continue to die a day because they don’t have health insurance. In the meantime, we thought this was fixed. So right now, today, we demand — and, yes, Republicans, I’m giving you some talking points here — that all 32 million uninsured be covered by the start of next week. Get the process going. Tell the 32 million where to go and what they have to do to get their insurance that they are unfairly being denied today. It’s going to lower the deficit. Why wait ’til 2014 to lower the deficit? Why wait ’til 2019 to lower deficit? Let’s lower the deficit starting next week. If this bill has all of this magic, if this bill is ‘Christmas,’ why wait until December? Let’s have Christmas in March or Christmas in April. They’re waiting for it in Raleigh. Grab audio sound bite number 31. This poor guy, DeCarlo Flythe, he’s waiting for it. Wait ’til somebody tells him this doesn’t happen ’til 2014.

FLYTHE: It’s just going to be like Christmas, I mean it’s going to be great. No worries, you know, the bills, we can go ahead and pay our copay and be all right.

RUSH: Right. That’s DeCarlo Flythe. He’s not going to be all right when he finds out that none of this Christmas stuff happens ’til 2014, and he doesn’t have insurance now. He may be one of the 127 a day that die between now and 2014, Obama’s own numbers, ’cause they don’t have health insurance. We want the union health care benefits taxed now. All these Cadillac insurance plans, we want them now! We don’t want to wait ’til 2018 for the tax to kick in on Cadillac insurance plans. How are we going to reduce the deficit? Why wait ’til 2018? For crying out loud, we don’t know who’s going to be president then. 2018, that’s like eight years from now, nine years from now. We want the Cadillac tax on union health plans now. The ‘carve-out’ is 2018. It did make it in but there’s a carve-out. Remember, it’s part of the Cornhusker Kickback. Whether it’s in reconciliation or the Senate bill, it’s in there. No, it’s 2018. That’s the carve-out.

He didn’t eliminate it. He just delayed the implementation ’til 2018. That’s what I’m saying: We want it now. The $2,500 checks that constitute the reduction in insurance premiums? Send ’em out tomorrow. Obama said insurance premiums are going to drop by 2,500 bucks. He also said that senior citizens are going to get 250 bucks (big whoop) to close a doughnut hole to pay for prescriptions they can’t afford now. Send the checks out! What are we waiting for? There’s no time to waste! We’re talking life and death here. We gotta spare people from dying because of the evil insurance companies. I’m dead serious about this. The point is: The benefits don’t all kick in, either, just as the taxes don’t all kick in until after the midterm elections in many cases. So all we have to do — all we have to do from now to November — is just ask the Reagan question: Are you better off today than you were 48 hours ago? Are you better off today than you were yesterday? Get hold of the DeCarlo Flythe bite. Here, grab audio sound bite 31 number again, get hold of this guy tomorrow and ask him: Has Santa showed up?

FLYTHE: It’s just going to be like Christmas, I mean it’s going to be great. No worries, you know, the bills, we can go ahead and pay our copay and be all right.

RUSH: Why wait? Why wait for any of this? All of the things that are going to happen on the deficit reduction side, why wait ’til 2014? Now! Thirty-two million uninsured? Save their lives! Why not just do it now, Mr. President? After all, life is just a copay, according to DeCarlo Flythe. That’s the only pain he’s going to have once Santa shows up. That’s like having to fill your own stocking after going through what’s under the tree. You’d gladly fill your own stocking. Pay your copay. Life’s just a copay! Folks, you know what I’m sensing here today? We got this TIME Magazine piece; we got this Politico piece. I’m warning you: They’re going to be doing everything they can from the White House to Congress to the media to dispirit you, to tell you it can’t happen. ‘We ought to drop this whole thing! Opposition to health care is going to kill us.’ Take a look at the polling data: People who support health care are dying, Pelosi is at 11%, Harry Reid is at 8%, Obama’s at 46 to 44% — and they’re trying to tell us we hold the losing hand here? Bunch of locoweed idiots. Demand it all now. It’s so wonderful, it’s so good, it has so many great things for America? Why wait? Why? Who knows what’s going to happen between now and 2014. I mean, just do deem-and-pass and get it done. It’s real simple. Quickly, this is Ronnie in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: True pleasure, Rush. I’ll get straight to my point. The number one default argument for all of this transformational change, including the health care bill —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — and stimulus is all about what the president ‘inherited.’ I heard it from the president. I’ve heard it from every supporter. It’s all about what he ‘inherited.’

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: And my question to you is: What do you think the next president is going to inherit, in terms of unemployment, in terms of deficit spending, in terms of government deficits? You want to talk about inheriting problems? I’d just really love to hear your answer. What do you think the next president, assuming he’s a constitutional-based president, will inherit?

RUSH: Well, I just went through it. He’s going to inherit 32 million people with coverage that don’t have it now. He’s going to inherit deficit reduction. He’s going to inherit a panacea! He’s going to inherit utopia. Obama is on the way! That’s what the next president is going to inherit. That’s what they want us to believe.

CALLER: Well, I’ll tell you — and the second point real quick is that it’s so funny to hear the Democrats talk about the ‘party of ‘no” while they’re taking away holidays, crosses, sugar, trans-fats, health care — I mean one civil liberty after another — and it’s the ‘party of ‘no”’s fault. I love it. Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: Keep thinking that way. These people in this audience — understandably because they have me as host — are the most informed, critically thinking people in this country. It honors me.


RUSH: And, by the way, while we are at it, ladies and gentlemen, why don’t we demand that unemployment be 8% starting next week? What if Barack Obama had said and he signed the stimulus bill, ‘Now, we’re not going to have any new jobs ’til 2014?’ How many of you expected a job to happen within the next month or two after he signed the stimulus bill? Three or four more million of you lost your gigs. We’re up at 10% unemployment, 20% underemployment, no end in sight, why don’t we just demand 8%? What if he had waited until 2014 to promise job creation? Probably would have been honest, if then. You want to run the numbers on 123 people dying every day between now and 2014? It’s 180,000 basically, give or take between now and 2014. One-hundred eighty thousand Americans will die because they don’t have health insurance between now and 2014. I heard Obama say today, (imitating Obama) ‘Well, yeah, it doesn’t kick in, I mean we gotta get it right, gotta do this right.’ Statistically you’d have to say some single mothers will die among the 180,000. So some more Marcelas kids’ mothers will die, yeah, unless we get this stuff kicking in right now, we just have to. I don’t know why we’re waiting.


RUSH: Sandy in Sebastian, Florida, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call and giving me an early birthday gift. I’m home from work today fighting off an infection so I’ve been able to listen to your show, and I had heard about the value-added tax —

RUSH: Wait a second. Wait just a second.

CALLER: Uh-oh.

RUSH: I hate it when people call here sick. Did you say fighting off an infection?

CALLER: Well, they’re not quite sure if it’s shingles or some sort of staph infection, but —

RUSH: Oh, gosh, that’s horrible. I’m sorry. I was going to suggest Zicam, but that won’t work on shingles.

CALLER: No, it doesn’t. And you know that sick feeling that I heard one of your other callers talk about that you also mentioned, you know, it’s worse in my own stomach, it’s worse than when 9/11 occurred, you know, at least then we knew it was a foreign enemy. But it’s clear now that our enemy, the new enemy, is our own government and its disregard for the people’s will of this country —

RUSH: Right. I hope you people in the media are listening to this because this is what people think, the enemy, the biggest threat we face is our own government right now, and we’re not going to lose passion on that subject, we’re not going to all of a sudden stop caring about that. You people in the media and the White House need to know. That’s well put, Sandy. Thank you.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, but, you know, I’m going to be fighting it, too, I’m going to be looking for fiscally responsible individuals that maybe are unknown at this point that will be coming out and representing the people’s voice, and I hope to see changes so I am hopeful, you know, and every day I wake up and I say the Serenity Prayer and, you know, I go with that for my day, and I —

RUSH: You better tell people what the Serenity Prayer is, because some of them don’t know what it is.

CALLER: Well, it says, God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

RUSH: So clearly you believe changing our government is something you can do?

CALLER: I think it’s going to have to take a number of people in this country, which, I think right now there’s a huge space, I mean there are many people, I’m in the health care field myself, we were very subdued, it’s like we’re faced with the unknown right now, and so, you know, this —

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it’s not unknown. We know exactly what’s coming. This is not —

CALLER: Well, that’s true.

RUSH: This is my point, Sandy, we know exactly what’s coming, it’s right in front of our face, it just happened and more of it is on the way. We don’t have the luxury to say we didn’t know this, we didn’t know this was coming, we don’t have that luxury, we do know what’s coming. No question about it.

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