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RUSH: Earlier in this hour, over at MessNBC, they played video from this program today, video of me suggesting that we need to hound these Democrats out of office. We need to hassle ’em and just get rid of them, and then they brought in Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington), and she brought on Howard Fineman to discuss why I’m ‘so angry.’ And, by the way, I thought he was pretty measured. I didn’t really start shouting and screaming. Andrea Mitchell’s question: ‘There’s a new level of invective,’ after playing the clip of me. Yeah. ‘There’s a new level of invective we haven’t heard before.’

FINEMAN: We’ve heard some similar things from Rush Limbaugh. But I’m fascinated by asking: What’s the source of the anger? Barack Obama is, in many respects, a big government, Northern-based, big city Democrat — the kind that hasn’t held the presidency in a long time, don’t forget. They’ve been small town Southerners, and there’s a big reaction brewing out there.

RUSH: Now what the hell does that mean? Big city, Northern, big government-based Democrat? I didn’t like Clinton. Clinton’s a Southerner and I didn’t like that, either, Howard. But Clinton, as I say, was a piker. They don’t understand? He doesn’t understand why we’re angry? We’re losing the country as it was founded! Hey, Howard, you need to go out and rent a movie if you want to understand this today: The Outlaw Josey Wales. Just go rent the movie starring Clinton Eastwood. In the pre-Dirty Harry days, although not that different from Dirty Harry but still. Go out and rent the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales and you’ll get some kind of an idea. The fact that they don’t understand the anger? I’m not even sure that they can, no matter what we do to explain it to them. Back to the phones. Ed in Wichita Falls, Texas, you’re on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush, and happy day to you from all the Wichita Falls tea party patriots. How are you doing?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thanks very much.

CALLER: Good. I called because I want you and your listeners — or our listeners — to hear some of the truth what really went on at the Capitol this past weekend, because the media has been overplaying this alleged spitting and name-calling incident, and they never addressed all kinds of other issues that were going on. I talked to a lot of Capitol Police while I was there, and they were happy we were there and we got complimented. They say they like it when we come because we are the most polite groups they have to contend with.

RUSH: And you clean up your messes.

CALLER: Yes, we did. That’s another point: We didn’t leave any trash at all, and our groups that were there I would guesstimate we had anywheres from 30 to 40,000 there, and we were singing the National Anthem, singing patriotic songs, praying. There was a lot of patriotic stuff. There was no nasty stuff to be heard, and we couldn’t even find anybody — and we looked all around, talked to everybody — that saw or witnessed what they were talking about. I’m not saying it didn’t occur —

RUSH: Let me — let me —

CALLER: I’m just saying.

RUSH: It might have occurred but I don’t think it was you guys. I actually doubt that it occurred because if it had, the media would be showing the videotape of it. There is video. One of the things these people are going to have to learn is people now have a video recorder in their cell phone every time they go someplace, and people are now defensively videotaping things they attend because charges like this are made. What he’s talking about is that John Lewis and Jesse Jackson and some others say that the N-word was shouted at them by tea party people; and Barney Frank claims that somebody called him the F-word. The media’s reporting as though it happened, and these guys are saying it happened but nobody has any evidence — and the videotape in question, the 47-second videotape in question where Pelosi and John Lewis and these people are walking past the tea party, it’s not there. You don’t hear it. I’ll tell you where we are with something like this. When I heard this first reported, you probably had some MoveOn.org people infiltrate the thing, and, if anybody was shouting, it was Democrats, it was liberals, to try to set this thing up; maybe working in an alliance with the media. But I don’t know that anybody did actually say it because they’d be showing us that video. And these people were videoed from top to bottom, left and right, upside down all weekend long.

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