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RUSH: The next big push is not going to be jobs, the next big push is going to be amnesty, and it’s coming sooner than you think. Obama can’t wait for this. He’s going to need these people as voters in 2012. He understands and all liberals understand that it is the middle class that holds the key to their power. The middle class cannot be given real tax cuts to help them move up the ladder. Folks, you’re going to have to believe me and trust me on this. They want to control. They do not wish to govern. They want to control. The reason that there will never be significant middle-class tax cuts, the reason why in fact everybody’s taxes are going up, because this health care bill, is that the left, from Obama on down, will not allow the middle class to move up the ladder. The middle class must be the class receiving the government handouts.

The objective? The change that Obama was talking about was ensuring that as many Americans as possible end up in the welfare state. The greatest majority of Americans happen to be in the middle class. This health care bill is the first giant step toward making the entire United States middle class dependent on the federal government for its needs, not its luxuries, not its wants. The middle class must receive a government handout. The middle class will not receive tax cuts. The purpose, in fact, of the income tax is to prevent people from earning and acquiring major wealth. Obama has just seen to it that tax cuts are not in the vernacular. Obama once made a phony promise: 95% of Americans getting a tax cut. Not true. It is not going to happen. There’s no way it can if you read the legislation. Everybody is paying higher everything in this, from insurance premiums to medical costs, to taxes. If you think that the underemployment problem is going to go away, understand that there is now a new Medicare tax of 3.8 or 3.9% on investment income. Capital gains are going to go up to 20% I think, maybe higher. The total taxation on investment income, which is called unearned income, will now approach 25%.

The people who invest are also the people who hire. They’re not going to have the money to hire and to grow their business. The only sector in this country that’s growing right now is government: Government institutions, government bureaucracies, and government employment. So the underemployment problem, that laser-like focus on jobs, maybe for illegals, but not even them. Get ’em in here, give them amnesty and then put them on the public dole as well. This is about literally tearing down the golden goose that has led to the greatest opportunity for prosperity for the most human beings in human history. It’s about tearing it down and destroying it. Some people don’t believe it, don’t want to believe it. It’s hard to get your arms around that. Why would anybody, especially a president, want to do that? You have to understand, and folks, there is not a better time, there’s not a more teachable moment than what just happened to get you to stand up and squarely face exactly who we’re dealing with.

Do you think people who loved America, who loved its traditions, who loved its people, and wanted its people to prosper and do better would ever pass legislation like this party has done, the Democrat Party? No way. It’s a crying shame. It is a literal crying shame, but at the same time it’s the most visible, teachable moment we’ve had. But you’re going to have to understand exactly who they are and understand that this is being done on purpose. These are not well-intentioned mistakes. These are not people who don’t get it. They most assuredly get it. It is many of us — myself excluded ’cause I’m the expert — it is many of us who don’t get what we face. And it’s time to face it. It’s time to learn it. Time to not love it, time to live it and understand that anybody running for political office with a D after their name cannot win, must not win. It is the only way that we can save the country. Before we start talking repeal, before we start talking this, we have to defeat them. I don’t care if they call themselves Blue Dogs, lapdogs, moderate Democrats, there’s no such thing anymore. Even if there are moderate Democrats we see how they get steamrolled.

I was watching this dog-and-pony show on Saturday. I invested the whole weekend doing something I never do, and that’s watch political sausage being made. And I was pretty buoyant on Saturday. I said, ‘They don’t have the votes here.’ I’m saying to myself, why does Obama — because, remember, now, let’s go to the chain of events. On Saturday, we get the announcement from Steny Hoyer right before Obama’s scheduled to speak in that auditorium in the visitors center, ‘Oh, yeah, we’ve got the votes now, we easily have the votes.’ Stupak still had not made any deal. ‘We’ve got the votes. What’s going to happen is we’re going to drop deem-and-pass,’ because there was a revolt in there on that, there was a revolt in the rules committee on deem-and-pass, so they dropped deem-and-pass and then they said, ‘Okay, we’re going to go straight for the Senate bill and then we’re going to do our reconciliations bill.’ Now, wait a second here. Just going to do the Senate bill as is?

They had no choice, they couldn’t amend it. In fact, they violated the process here anyway. To do the Senate bill without a conference committee is already a violation of the legislative process. But here’s Hoyer and Clyburn announcing that they got the votes and all the leadership’s up there sitting in front of two American flags, and each one of the leadership starts praising each other, the greatest Speaker in the history of the House, Nancy Pelosi. And here we have the greatest majority leader in the history of the House, Harry Reid. And then we have this and then we have that, and then they bring Obama in, and we get a sales pitch that has me asking, ‘Why in the hell are we getting this sales pitch if they’ve got the votes? They don’t have the votes,’ I’m saying to myself, they did not have the votes. They didn’t have the votes Saturday night when they said they did. It was all a momentum builder. It was all a joke, it was all PR, it was all designed to dispirit the Republicans and dispirit Americans into thinking that it was over. Then we go into Sunday and they didn’t have the votes. I’m watching this and I’m paying attention, and I got people e-mailing me all depressed, ‘Oh, Rush, it’s over, what are we gonna do?’ They don’t have the votes yet. They did not have the votes as of three or four o’clock on Sunday afternoon.

They were running another scam, and Pelosi had to horse trade and give away all kinds of things. Stupak got money for three airports in Michigan. He got a phony promise on abortion. He sold out on abortion, because this bill pays for abortions. It mandates that abortions be taxpayer funded. I’ll read you the segments after we take a break here. There’s a lot of confusion on this. I’ll make it very easy for you. I’ll explain to you how the Senate bill that Obama’s going to sign ends up with taxpayers paying for abortions. Bart Stupak knows it. Bart Stupak said we just played the clip last November, last October, oh, yeah, if I try to get my language and I fail, yeah, I’ll still vote for health care. It’s too important. So Stupak misleads everybody and his group of so-called pro-lifers misleads everybody, gives the nation hope when there was none, and he knew it all along. I’ll tell you what I actually think, that they had the 216 before they went to Stupak, and I think that’s one of the reasons that Stupak caved, because he caved for nothing. He caved for an empty piece of paper. I think Stupak didn’t want to relinquish the stage. Whether I’m right or wrong about that is irrelevant.

The bottom line is the assault on the American middle class has begun by a man who claimed that his objective was to liberate them. By a man who claimed hope and change to improve their lives. It’s just the exact opposite unless you view being dependent on government for everything as palatable. If you like that, if you’re willing to trade away your freedom for some security, health care security or whatever, then this administration is for you. They have to be made dependent, the middle class, if their votes are to be paid for. They cannot be given real tax cuts to help them move up the ladder. Doing that makes them less dependent on government and people like Barack Obama.


RUSH: I just checked the e-mail, ladies and gentlemen. Honest to Pete, there’s some people who want — and these are from subscribers, these are not from the Looney Tunes that are in the public e-mail, ElRushbo@eibnet.com. Well, not all the people there are kooks, but it’s funny, I can’t tell you how many invitations I’m getting to go to Costa Rica today from people who thought that I said I would move to Costa Rica if we got health care passed. No, no, no, once all this gets implemented I’m going there for my health care, but they are asking me to go ahead and move. But some in the subscriber account: ‘Rush, do you really think Obama has it out for the middle class?’ I know people have a tough time getting their arms around this. This is why you have to understand who these people are, and it’s right in front of you. What happened over the weekend? This health care bill, the way they were going to get it passed, they know they are governing against the will of the American people.

I got a note from a friend of mine in New York. I don’t watch CNN. I haven’t watched CNN in I don’t know how long, years. This friend said, ‘Hey, Rush I’ve been watching CNN overnight until just now, and I’m shocked at how quickly they’ve abandoned the euphoria of Obamacare and are focusing on the hurdles still in the way of the reform.’ Now, I don’t know what he’s talking about, ’cause I don’t watch CNN, so I don’t know what hurdles they’re talking about. My guess is they’re talking about the hurdles in the Senate of getting the House’s fixes to the Senate bill passed, the reconciliation bill. I haven’t seen any mainstream media talking about how tough it’s going to be to implement health reform. I don’t know if that’s what he meant or not, but one thing they know: They know they’re governing against the will of the people. They know they do not have the people behind them. They’re acting like they’re doing this for the American people, they’re acting like all of this is because we want it, but it’s not the case. They know they’re governing against the will of the people, and that has to have them on edge, because there still are elections in this country, there still are.

Now, this business about Obama taxing the middle class to make sure they become dependent, he has come to divide and has come to conquer, and I’m telling you, folks, it is time to just accept the truth. His desire is to have as many people on federal dependency as possible. Let me explain it this way. I’m going to use a term that many of you are uncomfortable with, but I’m going to explain Marxism in this regard. Under Marxism, anybody who owns anything of value, anybody who has any savings, anybody who has any stock, is the bourgeoisie, the middle class. The Marxists consider the bourgeoisie, the middle class, to own capital, hence capitalists. It’s not just industrialists and it’s not just the rich. The power is in the middle class. Control the middle class, and you control the country. That’s where the majority of people are. You make them dependent on you, one way or the other, you stand in the way of their achieving individual prosperity, and you own them. And you own their votes.

So look at what some of the new taxes are in the health care bill: Taxes on savings, taxes on investment profits, taxes on profits and stocks, all to fund Medicare, which is going broke. They had the American people believing that we were in a recession in 2005. They had people believing that we were in a recession in 2006. Starting post-Katrina in the fall of 2005, they talked us into a recession. They got the media and their buddies there to continue talking and reporting about the fading US economy. Once they gave up on losing the war in Iraq, once they gave up on the notion that they could get Bush to surrender and give up and quit and leave, they were happy to talk down the economy. They knew it would hurt Wall Street, the middle class, the capitalists most of all. Nothing they do is coincidental. It’s all strategic. They knew creating an economic crisis, a recession would give them a great opportunity to take over Congress and then use the crisis to restructure our economy. And they’re doing it right before our eyes. They knew they could do it because they did it in the thirties.

Coming out of the Great Depression, their fixes did what? Prolonged it. But entrenched the Democrats in power for 40 years. They’re doing it again. They knew it would work. They’re simply repeating a previous stratagem. And when the country’s on its back, as it is now, they can ram through every piece of social welfare program they want because people are gonna need it because the private sector is not providing jobs for people to provide for themselves. So here come the guys on the white horses, ‘We’ll fix it, insurance companies ripping you off, fine, your premiums are going down by $2,500. Your doctor won’t cover your — we’ll take care of that, too. We’ll make it easy. You can’t find a job? How about three years of unemployment benefit checks? We’ll handle that for you.’ So after talking the economy down, after convincing enough people we were in a recession and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, now with underemployment today announced by Gallup at 20%, unemployment hovering at 10% for the foreseeable future and even Obama admits it, here comes health care reform, next comes amnesty.

I said in the first hour, I can just hear Obama as he sells amnesty. (imitating Obama) ‘There are some people who think, because they don’t like the color of your skin, that you shouldn’t be an American.’ I can hear it at town hall after town hall after town hall. I can hear it speech after speech after speech. He has come to divide, he’s come to conquer. You think you’re mad over what happened here with health care, imagine at 20% underemployment, 10% unemployment, amnesty for 15 to 20 million more people, where are they going to go to get a job? And what if they’ll go do jobs as legal citizens for the four bucks an hour you won’t work for? What if they get jobs that you won’t take, people are allowed to reduce their labor load. ‘Okay, no problem, we’ll up your unemployment benefits to four years and we’ll lower your insurance premium by $4,000. And we’ll also pay your car insurance,’ whatever it takes, they will say.

Let’s go back to the Kennedy assassination. On the heels of the Kennedy assassination, the Democrats had a two-to-one advantage in the House and a big advantage in the Senate. The nation was still in shock over the death of JFK and in 1965 we got what? Medicare. And LBJ has this giant signing ceremony in Independence, Missouri, with Harry Truman and we get Medicare in 1965. It has exploded what its predicted costs were by factors of thousands of percent. It’s not even in the ballpark of what they said it was going to cost, and not everybody gets covered. Medicaid was part of this, too. They just didn’t say so at the time. They tacked that on later. It’s why they have to be defeated. They must be hounded out of office. This is what they do when they have the ability. So don’t doubt me when I tell you, they don’t want anybody getting tax cuts, especially the middle class. You cannot be allowed to improve your prosperity. You must be further made dependent and it fits right in with Obama’s dislike of the way the country was founded in the first place and his aim to change it, and that’s what he meant by change. He didn’t mean, ‘I’m going to do better than Bush.’ He meant, ‘I’m going to change this, sucker, I’m going to change this country in ways that you never imagined, in ways that it ought to be. But I don’t dare tell you what real change I’m talking about,’ he says, ”cause I wouldn’t get elected.’

From the Wall Street Journal: ‘The US pay czar plans to review executive compensation at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and 417 other firms that took government bailout funds, to determine if any bonuses, salary or other compensation paid during a short window should be returned, according to government officials. Kenneth Feinberg, the Treasury Department’s special master for compensation, will send a letter Tuesday to 419 firms that received TARP funds seeking data on compensation paid to the top 25 executives. The pay review will cover a relatively short period but will capture the 2008 end-of-year bonus season at most large firms.’ So you can just add this guy onto the 16,000 IRS agents that will be hires if the Senate passes the House reconciliation bill to make sure that you are buying your health insurance as you will be mandated to under law, or if you choose not to, which will be fine, if you are paying your fine. And your fine is couple grand or 2% of your income, whichever is greater. It’s still going to be cheaper than buying an insurance policy.

But the IRS, yep, you’re going to have a new form on your 1040-EZ or your 1040 where you prove that you’ve bought your health insurance, and your tax return now will be shared with the Department of Health and Human Services, because if you go through the Senate health care bill, the House health care, doesn’t matter which, you’ll see, as determined by the secretary so many times that I lost count — that’s at this moment the Health and Human Services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius — as the secretary may direct. So if the secretary wants to find out any details of your tax return, she’s going to be allowed to see them. It’s in the legislation. Sixteen thousand new IRS agents to make sure that there is compliance with this liberating and wonderful new health care reform. Now, who in the world needs 16,500 new cops for something that is so wonderful and such a positive change, hmm? Hmm?

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