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“Obama, like every liberal, starves the golden goose while demanding more eggs. Doctors, nurses, ambulances. Anything connected with health will be depleted.”

“We need to remain the party of ‘No, hell no.’ There are no fixes to this bill, there’s no streamlining it, there’s no tweaking it. There’s just destroying it.”

“I’m still waiting for somebody on Obama’s side of this to call me and tell me one thing he said about this health care bill that’s true. He’s lying through his teeth about this, and he doesn’t even care.”

“Nonprofits, in many cases, are a giant scam in order to score money from the government when you otherwise have no talent and can do nothing for which anybody will pay you.”

“I don’t want people to get sidetracked with the CBO show because ultimately, as has been demonstrated this morning, the CBO number is a distraction anyway. It’s designed to take our focus off what is really wrong with this bill and that is everything.”

“The guts of this bill are why it needs to be opposed, not the CBO number, not the deficit number, it’s all part of the same combination.”

“If they’re not cutting Medicare by $500 billion then this whole $940 billion number CBO has is totally irrelevant because there’s no $500 billion Medicare cut, they’re spending it somewhere else. It’s like you shifting money from one pocket to the other and saying you just cut your budget. It’s irresponsible, it’s silly.”

“Stick with the EIB Network for the truth.”

“Walgreens: no new Medicaid patients as of April 16th. This is huge. This is Obamacare before it’s passed, a snapshot of what’s going to be going on all over the country. We don’t have the money for this.”

“I just had somebody quick scan the reconciliation bill that’s posted, and the first thing to report is that the word tax or some variation of it shows up 124 times in 159 pages. So there you have it.”

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