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RUSH: It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and I traditionally never wear green on St. Patrick’s Day because I don’t join the crowd. That’s why I got kicked off those PBS fundraiser auctions because I’m not a conformist. It’s why I’ve been fired seven times. Well, not all of the seven times because I wasn’t a conformist. Sometimes the format changed to Chinese opera, and they didn’t need deejays for that. Anyway, it’s St. Patrick’s Day out there. And Obama, at the annual Friends of Ireland luncheon this afternoon in Washington said this.

OBAMA: I can trace my ancestry on my mother’s side, there. Uh, I believe it was my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.

FOLLOWERS: (laughing)

OBAMA: This is true!

FOLLOWERS: (laughter)

OBAMA: He was a boot-maker, if I’m not mistaken. Someone, uh, actually discovered my Irish lineage, uh, when I was running for president.

RUSH: Now, we’re back to Clintonista-type stuff things. He’s Irish. Barack Obama is Irish. How is that going to play with Al Sharpton, by the way? You know, Al Sharpton has become Obama’s number one advisor in outreach to the black community. Sharpton’s job is to tell all the black people out there to shut up, that Obama is trying to make it all work for them. Now, stop and think about that. You want to talk unity? You want to talk postpartisan, postracial? How the hell does that happen? Al Sharpton is the number one advisor for reach-out to the black community. I would love to be there, my friends. I would love to be there someday when somebody tells Obama that he has Jewish ancestors as well. Oh-ho-ho! I would love to hear that.

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