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RUSH: Audio sound bites. This is Obama yesterday in Strongsville, Ohio. This whole appearance yesterday was filled with lies, falsehoods, untruths, even another sob story about some person unable to get health care. ‘Yeah, she can’t be here today because she’s so sick.’ The reason why she wasn’t there is she’s in the hospital, being treated at no charge! Anyway, this is just one thing Obama said.

OBAMA: How many people are getting’ insurance through their jobs right now? Raise your hands? A’right. Well, a lot of those folks, your employer, it’s estimated, would see premiums fall by as much as 3,000%, which means they could give you a RAISE!

FOLLOWERS: (cheering)

RUSH: Three thousand percent premiums are going to fall! Three thousand percent! Now, there were only 200 people that showed up yesterday. I don’t know if that’s all that were interested or that’s just the number they could find that were not opposed to health care. But let’s just look at some numbers here. Let’s apply some numbers here to this 3,000% reduction in premiums. I’m just going to pick a random number here to use. Let’s say the employer pays $4,000 in health care premiums for an employee. If his premium went down 100%, he would save $4,000, all right? If the premium went down 3,000%, that’s a savings of $4,000 (100%) times 30. That equals $120,000, which means that if Obama’s number is accurate here, that health care will allow employers to give people a raise because their premiums will go down 3,000%. That means the employer will make a $120,000 profit on each employee’s health care insurance once Obamacare is passed. Now, you can buy a lot of unicorns for $120,000, and you can buy a lot of idiots for $120,000, but that’s what he said. (doing impression) ‘Employer, eh, 3,000%! He could give you a raise.’ Well, they’re not going to get any raise. This is bogus, 3,000%? The health care companies are going to be giving employers 120 grand per employee?


RUSH: Back to Obama in Strongsville, Ohio, yesterday. A final portion of his remarks.

OBAMA: We need an up-or-down vote! It’s time t’vote. And now as we get closer to the vote there is a lot of hand-wringing goin’ on. We hear a lot of people in Washington talkin’ about politics, talkin’ about what this means in November, talkin’ about the poll numbers for Democrats and Republicans.

WOMAN: We need courage!

OBAMA: We need courage.

FOLLOWERS: (applauding)

OBAMA: Did you hear what somebody just said there? That’s what we need. That’s why I came here t’day. We need courage! We need courage.

RUSH: ‘We need courage.’ That’s why he went there today? We need courage? We need an up-or-down vote? No, Mr. President. We’re not going to get an up-or-down vote. Your party will not permit an up-or-down vote. You’re going to lose your up-or-down vote. You have to break and violate the Constitution, blatantly, in order to save your presidency. Think about it. That’s why I call him the Third World president. Let me tell you something, folks. It’s very, very, very simple. This is fundamental. If Obama was proud of this bill, if he was proud of this process, he would have a full-blown news conference tonight, and he would answer every question about it — and he would plug it, and he would show it. He’d point to page X and say, ‘This is where your premiums are going to go down 3,000%.’

By the way, Bush never said that. I mean, you’d never hear: 3,000%, premiums are going to go down 3,000%, and his stupid audience is applauding that. But he doesn’t dare do a news conference. He doesn’t dare go on television to hype this bill. And you know why? All deception requires secrecy. Secrecy is the number one desired weapon of tyranny. You have to be able to do things in secret that nobody knows about to have a successful tyranny. Secrecy. That’s what this is all about now, because they need deception. No one has seen the Slaughter Solution bill. What’s been posted is a shell bill. That’s just a bill to distract everybody. That bill is just to get something posted just to get the process going. It will be gutted; it will be replaced. The Congressional Budget Office cannot score the final bill because nobody has seen it. It doesn’t exist yet!

That’s why Pelosi said they’ll have to pass the bill for us to know what’s in it. It’s a patchwork of deceptions, threats, backroom deals, passed by unconstitutional parliamentary tricks. And the president of the United States, in order to save his face, is lying to the American people about Obamacare. His speeches are laced with fiction after fiction after fiction, and everybody knows it. Everybody’s watching this, scratching their heads, trying to understand: ‘Does he not know that we know that he’s lying?’ I mean, hell, even the Washington Post today editorialized against the Slaughter Solution. They call it ‘unseemly.’

The Washington Post! I mean, they’ve done everything but poll in favor of Obama. They were the first bunch to run all the puff pieces on Obama a year and a half, two years, the start of his campaign. So he’s out there lying to the American people about his health care bill. Fiction after fiction after fiction. The lies are so blatant, the process is so corrupt, that Obama wouldn’t dare attempt to defend any of it in a press conference, even if every question was posed and written by David Axelrod. There is no way he can publicly defend this bill. He has to lie about it. He has to make things up about it. He has to deceive you. His most important thing, the thing most important to him, he can’t defend. Not the real thing. He refuses to.

This procedure, the Slaughter Solution, not only is it unconstitutional, not only is it universally unpopular — not only does it ignore the one issue Americans really care about right now: Jobs — not only are bribes necessary to get the required votes, not only will it require and guarantee Republican control of the House and maybe the Senate, not only will it destroy every budget until the country’s bankruptcy, not only will passage spark protests like this country hasn’t seen since our founding. This bill is so unpalatable that Obama can’t get more than a couple hundred people to show up for his narcissism-fueled monument grab yesterday in Cleveland! Two hundred people showed up. Oh, and one of them fainted. You hear that? They’re pulling out all the stops now. We’re going back to the campaign, where people are so deliriously happy at Obama’s presence that they are fainting — and Obama just happens to see it every time it happens. (doing impression) ‘Oh, oh! Wait! Uh, somebody fainted. Medic! Get a medic in here, somebody. Uh, give him some space. Give that person some space,’ and he goes on with his deception speech.


RUSH: Here is President Obama. Try to imagine the reaction if George W. Bush or Dan Quayle said this.

OBAMA: How many people are getting’ insurance through their jobs right now? Raise your hands? A’right. Well, a lot of those folks, your employer, it’s estimated, would see premiums fall by as much as 3,000%, which means they could give you a RAISE!

FOLLOWERS: (cheering)

RUSH: What a bunch of idiots in the audience. Okay, here’s the number just a number to work with to illustrate this. If your employer is spending $4,000 on your premium, your health insurance premium, a 100% reduction would mean there would be no price to pay whatsoever. If you reduce the premium by 100%, you wipe it out, the $4,000. If you reduce that $4,000 premium by 3,000%, that number is $120,000. So what Obama was saying is that health care premiums will fall so much that insurance companies will be paying your employer $120,000 per employee. It’s moronic. It’s off the cuff, irrelevant, untrue, just stupid. There’s nothing intellectual about it, there’s nothing elite about it, there’s nothing special about it — except in its utter stupidity and recklessness.

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