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RUSH: And all eyes and all ears are pointed at this show today. ‘Tell me, Rush, what is going on?’ Folks, I’ll do my best to explain all of this, but it is devious. This is one of the biggest domestic threats. We’ve got a president who is essentially a Third World president, a president — well, let me give the phone number here before I go nuts. 800-282-2882 is the number if you want to call the program. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air says that the Obama administration’s decided that it’s going to be too provocative for US forces on a humanitarian mission to fly the American flag at their base in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Flying our flag would be a statement that we are an occupation force, not an international partner. There are a lot of things about this country not to be proud of right now, but they’re happening in Congress, they’re not happening with the US military, and they’re not happening outside of Congress. It’s all inside. Has anybody asked this question? You know, Obama’s obviously losing his cool, but let’s look at the things that he does not blow up over, the things that he does not lose his cool over. Unemployment, not a problem. In fact, three members of his economic team said today, hey, 9%, 9.7% unemployment for the next few years. We don’t see job creation improving at all this year and not much in the year after and the year after that. So permanent new statistical unemployment rate of 9%, the new norm, and the administration itself after saying they’re focusing laser-like on jobs, ‘Well, we’re not going to have any new jobs, not this year, certainly not next year, maybe we’ll get started the year after that.’

So the job situation, unemployment, not a problem, doesn’t lose his cool over that. The deficit, not a problem, doesn’t lose his cool over that. Greece, a little look into our own future, not a problem. Iran getting nukes, he couldn’t care less. He does not get worked up about it at all. Now he won’t fly the flag in Haiti because he doesn’t want to provoke people. But look what does get him mad: 1,600 new homes in Israel. Israel wants to build these homes for people who can afford to pay for them, in Jerusalem, and this has got Hillary Clinton flying off the deep end, it’s got Obama flying off the deep end, it’s got Biden flying off the deep end, this somehow is what angers this man? He’s a Third World president, and he’s a masquerade.


RUSH: Well, Snerdley’s in a little fit here, folks. He thinks I’ve really stepped in it by referring to our president as a Third World president. ‘What do you mean by that? You better explain what you mean by this.’ It’s very simple. We have to destroy our country in order to save our leader’s face. Now, where does this happen? It happens in Cuba. It happens in North Korea. It happens in Venezuela. It happens in every Third World country there is. They destroy countries in order to save their face, build monuments to themselves. They’re leaders for life or what have you. This is not a health care bill anymore. This is a save Obama’s face bill. This is save Obama’s bacon bill. Save Obama’s presidency bill. It doesn’t matter what’s in it!

He’ll sign whatever he gets, as long as it says ‘health care reform’ somewhere in it.

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