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RUSH: Here’s Chris in Carmel, Indiana. Nice to have you on open line Friday. Welcome.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. I’m very excited to be able to speak to you today. I have been a listener since 1989 when my first son was born. And I just wanted to say to you right now that I have a son at Hillsdale College and he’s definitely a Rush Baby. And Hillsdale College is a fine, fine institution. He is very much challenged there academically and I just wanted to thank you for all that you’ve done to help promote this wonderful liberal arts school.

RUSH: Thank you. Let me stress something here. When you say your son’s academically challenged. You’re not saying he’s stupid.

CALLER: No, he’s being thoroughly challenged there. No, no, he was actually admitted into West Point. But for a couple of unforeseeable circumstances he ended up at Hillsdale College. It’s been an incredibly challenging experience for him academically.

RUSH: That’s right, because even when you’re right, you’re wrong at Hillsdale. That’s one of Dr. Arnns’ mottos. He loves saying that. Even when they’re right Rush, they’re wrong. We make them be right every which way from Sunday before we tell them they’re right. We don’t let them accidentally swerve into the truth. They have to know it upside down, inside out, backwards and forwards. And that’s what she means here by academically challenged. These kids are pushed. More is gotten out of kids at Hillsdale than anybody knows these kids have, especially the kids. It’s education the old-fashioned way. It’s education the way it used to take place. It’s a liberal arts school, but there’s no liberalism there. Liberalism is rampant in the education system at every level. That’s why it’s rare to find a school that espouses a conservative point of view, let alone allows a college professor or a high school history teacher to share a thought about the values of our forefathers. It’s a great thing about Hillsdale College and we’re happy to have them as a sponsor here. They don’t take a penny of government money.

You can’t go there on the GI bill. They will not take you. They are not going to let one tentacle of the federal government inside that campus. Not one tentacle of the federal government will direct what happens at that school. They don’t even allow their students to use government student loans. That’s how serious they are about keeping the corrupting polluted influences of the federal government out of there. They don’t want government interference as they teach the conservative principles to these bright kids that get in there. They could use your involvement, by the way. This is a school to be involved with. Go online today at RushForHillsdale.com. Subscribe to their monthly digest called Imprimis. It’s free. No strings attached. More than a million people get it every month. RushForHillsdale.com. I love this place. I’ve heard so much about it from both students and Dr. Arnn. I’m going to go up there and sit in on a class just to see what happens here, just to see it, because I’ve been so impressed listening to how it operates. I care about this school. I’ve come to know the people who run it. I know a lot of people who have graduated, and you’ll feel the same way once you get to know a little bit about Hillsdale College. Thanks very much, Chris, for the call. I appreciate it.

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