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RUSH: Now, it’s amazing. Yesterday I played a song. I played Waldo de los Rios: Mozart symphony 40 in G minor. And it’s amazing the reaction I’ve gotten to this. I mentioned that I put it through the Flamethrower, our broadcast equipment to compress it, I played the compressed version, and I said it sounded great but you can’t get one of these. Well, you could but you wouldn’t know how to hook it up. It’s not something you can go into Best Buy or Stereo One and pick up. It’s broadcast equipment. So I got the following e-mail: ‘Dear Rush: I’m another old broadcast engineer who loves radio. I believe I was in the class following yours at Elkins.’ This is Elkins Institute of Radio Electronics in Dallas. I was there in ’67. ‘I wish I’d been able to meet you then. I think we’d have been buds. Anyway, as someone who’s been in radio as long as you, I know Aphex never made a Flamethrower. So which unit do you have?’ He’s right. We have the Aphex 2020 Mk II. The Flamethrower is the setting.

There are a number of presets that you can determine how much compression you want. Flamethrower is the setting. This guy, Mike Van Hooser, is exactly right. He wants to know if we had the Aural Exciter or the Dominator. Neither one. But he said, ‘For somebody who can’t really hear you had it tuned perfectly for AM and it sounded great.’ What are the odds I’m going to get an e-mail from somebody who understands the Flamethrower setting on the Aphex and went to Elkins Institute of Radio Electronics? This guy probably had a Remco Caravelle when he was growing up, too. Then Koko Sr. at the website sends me a note this morning: ‘Movers & Shakers at Amazon,’ and there are three Waldo de los Rios CDs, one of them was ranked number 130,905 yesterday. At the end of the day yesterday it was number 51. That was an increase of 256,000%. The number two Waldo de los Rios CD was ranked at number 134,355th place, and moved up to number 59. A one-man stimulus package here for Waldo de los Rios CDs, all three of them showing increases in standings at the hit list at Amazon, Movers & Shakers list, 256,000% increase, 227,000% increase and on the third one, 18,000% increase, a one-man stimulus for a guy that probably most people had never heard of.


RUSH: You know, this really is amazing. I very seldom am impressed by anything I do. I’ve become used to it. But this, this that’s happened here with Waldo de los Rios at Amazon is mind-boggling. Now, listen to this. I played Waldo de los Rios, Mozart Symphony 40 G minor yesterday, right after the third hour of the program began. I played it because people asked me what I was playing the air violin to here on the Dittocam. So yesterday at the time we played Waldo de los Rios on Amazon, the CD that we played the song from ranked in 136,000th place. At the moment, Waldo de los Rios is in 31st place. He is up 439,000%. With that song being played one time yesterday, mentioned by me one time on this program. In addition to that, Waldo de los Rios is now number one on Amazon in the Classical Music Imports Latin Music category. After playing the song one time through the Flamethrower setting of our Aphex Mk-2020, hot dog compressor. I mean, up 486,000%. Stunning! And they sit there and they talk about Oprah.


RUSH: Folks, this is incredible here what’s happening with Waldo de los Rios. Yesterday I played Mozart symphony 40 G minor one time. Yesterday the CD containing the tune at Amazon was in 136,705th place. Twenty minutes ago it was in 31st place. Right now it’s at 19th place. It is up 719,400%. Now, you gotta figure here, Waldo de los Rios passed away to the great conductor’s pit in 1977. He’s gotta have family. His record company, ‘What the hell is happening here?’ And, in fact, there are three Waldo de los Rios CDs that are number one, two, and three at Amazon’s Movers & Shakers in music, all categories, after playing that tune one time. And now people that didn’t hear it yesterday: ‘Well, what is it?’ Pot it up, Brian. I got it playing behind me right now, here’s a little sample of it. We’re going to play it out of my computer from iTunes so let ‘er rip. Right at the top here, from the beginning — no, it’s the end. The end sounds like the beginning. Hear that compression, suck up that beginning.

(playing of song)

RUSH: Just makes you feel happy.

(continued playing of song)

RUSH: Okay, folks, here comes the good part coming up.

(continued playing of song)

RUSH: Waldo de los Rios, symphony 40 G minor. The CD is called Grandes Exitos. It’s just a shame there wasn’t Zicam when Waldo de los Rios was alive. ‘Who knows’ if there had been.

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