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RUSH: This is yesterday afternoon and last night, a montage of a bunch of media people, all pure propagandists. Every one of these people said what you’re going to hear them say after I said specifically I was not moving, I was simply leaving the country for health care if Obamacare passes and then coming back. Not moving. I said that before all these people say this.

RATIGAN: Rush Limbaugh, threatening to leave our country for good.

HALL: Rush Limbaugh vowing to leave the country if Democrats manage to pass their health care reform bill.

GEIST: Rush Limbaugh. Now he’s threatening to do something if the President succeeds with this health care reform. He’s threatening to leave the country.

MOULITSAS: I definitely look forward to Rush Limbaugh leaving the country.

FERGUSON: Do you know that Rush Limbaugh said that if the health care bill passes, he will leave the country.

SHUSTER: Rush Limbaugh says that if health care reform passes, he will leave the country.

LENO: Radio host Rush Limbaugh says he will leave the United States if health care reform passes.

BEHAR: Rush Limbaugh has said that if health care goes through in the country, he is moving out of the country. Hey, hello, good news?

RUSH: (imitating Behar) ‘Hello, hello, Maude!’

That’s Maude! No, that’s actually Joy Behar. I heard a great line about Joy Behar. It’s a joke. I couldn’t repeat it on this show. I don’t care how much cajoling. It’s so hilarious, but I couldn’t dare tell it on this show. (interruption) No, it’s not coyote… No, it’s none of that. It’s none of that. I shouldn’t have said this because there’s no way… (interruption) You’re not going to cajole me into telling the joke. I couldn’t possibly tell the joke, could not possibly. I’ll tell you in the commercial break. (laughing) Could I give you one word where you could reconstruct the joke? One key word? Let’s see… Uh. Uh. ‘Penis.’ I’m sorry it’s not much help. (laughing) They’re trying to diagram a joke involving Joy Behar and penis. Well, it’s not tough if you have a vivid imagination.

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