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RUSH: John Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States — that is, by the way, the correct way to refer to the Chief Justice, not Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, it’s Chief Justice of the United States. And Justice Roberts was at the University of Alabama School of Law, and during the Q&A the following question was asked: ‘Is the State of the Union a proper forum to criticize the Supreme Court?’

ROBERTS: The image of having the members of one branch of government standing up literally surrounding the Supreme Court, cheering and hollering while the court, according to the requirements of protocol, has to sit there expressionless I think is very troubling.

RUSH: It is very troubling, and it shows the profound disrespect for the separation of powers. It shows the thugocracy style of Obama. What the chief justice is referring to here, one branch of government standing up literally surrounding the court, cheering and hollering, is when Obama ripped the court for a decision and Alito, if you were watching, mouthed, ‘No,’ you’re wrong, that’s not right, that’s not true, or whatever. All these Democrats standing up and shouting like peasants with pitchforks ready to storm the gates and maul these guys, and I would not be surprised if next year not one member of the Supreme Court shows up for the next State of the Union. And you House Democrats, you Bart Stupaks out there, you Blue Dogs, you yellow dogs, you lapdogs, you Chihuahuas, if President Obama would ambush Supreme Court justices at the State of the Union in their faces, what do you think he would do to you?

You know, I’m really glad that this speech is back in the news. I’m glad the Chief Justice said this.

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