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RUSH: Now, there’s an interesting story. If you think that there’s not an overthrow or a massive transformation going on, I cite this story from the Associated Press: ‘U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden, has told the Palestinians that they deserve a ‘viable’ independent state with contiguous territory. Mr. Biden’s comments on Wednesday appeared aimed at reassuring the Palestinians of U.S. support a day after Israel announced plans to build 1,600 new homes in disputed east Jerusalem. The Israeli move has overshadowed Mr. Biden’s visit, which is meant to promote U.S. — led peace negotiations that are set to begin in the coming weeks. … And in an apparent snub Tuesday night, Biden pointedly –‘ meaning purposeful ‘– arrived 90 minutes late to his scheduled dinner with Netanyahu, and he sharply rebuked the Israeli step which came just after the Palestinians agreed to a new round of indirect peace talks under US mediation after a 14-month lapse.’ So Biden was sent out to snub yet another ally in a great world at dangerous risk. So people see this and they say, ‘Why is it so many Jewish people vote Democrat? Why is it?’

Norman Podhoretz has written a whole book on it: ‘Why Are Jews Liberals?’ It’s too well written to summarize, but one thing is liberals are liberals first, even now. Also driving them is the fact we’re not gonna let those conservatives win. We’re not going to let those conservatives be perceived to be right, we’re not going to have the world realize that we’re wrong. We’d rather be wrong and suffer the consequences than have people realize the other side is right. And that’s part of it, too. So here you’ve got Biden, running around snubbing Netanyahu, plugging for the Palestinians, who are not allies. The Israelis are our longtime allies. Where does this leave Mrs. Clinton? Why is Biden doing this? Do not we have a Middle East op — I thought that was George Mitchell. And don’t we have an Afghanistan envoy, that Richard Holbrooke guy. Where is Hillary Clinton? I know she’s not getting ready for her daughter’s wedding in July yet. Well, yeah, I know she’s giving away the Falkland Islands, but, still, she’s the Secretary of State, where the hell is she?

Now, let me run through this little progression for you here. One very curious thing is the low-key Hillary Clinton. Biden is out there all but doing her job in the Middle East, Biden is getting all the fawning, approving media, because the media doesn’t like Israel either, they’re snubbing Israel, they’re sending Biden out to do it, his fingerprints are all over it, where’s Hillary? Do you also remember Hillary did not attend Obama’s State of the Union? She wasn’t there. She wanted to be at a random meeting in London that day. She has been super quiet on the health care front. Remember, this was her signature issue back in 1993 and ’94. After decades of being in everybody’s face on health care, bus tours to all this, where is she on this issue? Where was the last time we saw Hillary? Doing what? What was she doing in Latin America? She was in Chile. She was passing out telephones. She was handing out relief supply telephones to the earthquake victims. The Secretary of State is handing out telephones.

Now, if somebody on the left were thinking of making a run at Obama in 2012 in the primaries, it would have to start later this summer, don’t you think? Does anybody think that the Clintons have just kind of said, you know, White House, president, screw it, we’ll continue passing out phones here in Chile, and Bill’s happy flying off to Haiti, having to go to hospital for more open heart surgery or get the stints in there. Does anybody really think they’ve given up this idea of the White House? Either she’s keeping herself out of the way. It’s sort of like Evan Bayh. Evan Bayh’s never lost an election. He’s a Senator from Indiana. (crying) ‘I can’t get anything done, there’s no bipartisanship.’ No. Nice try, Evan. But if you want to run for president you need to distance yourself as fast as you can from this guy because everybody thinks they made a mistake electing this guy and anybody who is on this guy’s side who wants to be president doesn’t have a prayer, the proverbal snowball’s chance in a devil’s spawn of Rahm Emanuel, not one. Same thing for Hillary. If she wants it, she’s gotta keep her distance. Hillary’s biggest supporters when she ran were Jewish females. You think Hillary’s going to go in there and dump on the Israelis and praise the Palestinians if she’s going to run for president? Ain’t no way, folks.

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