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“The question needs to be addressed: Is Obama this delusional and detached from reality, or is he just this narcissistic and dishonest?”

“Obama is going to turn doctors into laborers for the state and they’ll probably have to unionize just like every other public sector employee.”

“You Democrats need to keep in mind Obama is saying jobs are his focus while he’s obsessing over the destruction of the best health care system in the world, ours.”

“Obama told everybody not to listen to me. I don’t want to brag here, ladies and gentlemen, but our audience ratings — ahem — have never been higher.”

“As far as the left is concerned, the only corrupting influence in the universe is Republican and conservative human beings. Everything else is pristine, clean and pure as the wind driven snow.”

“I could retire and I could have three times the wealth I have if I could just get a dollar for every time I’ve been asked, ‘Why don’t the Republicans do X?'”

“One of the core principles of Marxism is that the capitalist system must completely collapse before Marxism can be installed. There can be no integration. It has to fully collapse.”

“The media and the Democrats are squealing like a bunch of stuck pigs, so that must mean the RNC has finally done something right.”

“Any doctor that votes for Obama might be in line for a lobotomy.”

“Scientists and doctors have a lot to think about today. Do they give a damn about their professions? Do they give a damn about their reputations? Or are they content to just be props for liberals?”

“Obama uses doctors like Tiger Woods uses pancake house waitresses and pole dancers. Has there ever been a more respected profession this maligned, this used, and this minimized?”

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