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RUSH: Have you seen, by the way, the NAGs are now going after New York Governor David Paterson? What if his last name were ‘Clinton,’ and what if he were white? Would you leave him alone? If David Paterson’s last name were ‘Clinton’ and if he were white would you NAGs leave him alone? They’re trying to get him to resign now. And, of course, Harold Ford, the party bosses got to him. Harold Ford said, ‘Okay, okay, okay! I won’t run, I won’t run! It would be horrible. It would be a devastating primary. It would help the Republicans. Okay, I won’t run.’ Now, folks, which party is it that has the big tent? And which party is it that throws its moderates out? It seems to me that if you are a black centrist in a couple of key areas, the Democrat Party wants none of you — and if you are black and you want to be governor of New York you haven’t a prayer.

Now, you might be saying, ‘Why do they care about Gillibrand?’ Because she’s a rubberstamp for Chuck-U Schumer! Very simple. She rubberstamps what Chuck-U does. She’s not, by the way, safe. But anyway, poor Harold Ford. He’s gone. He wanted to run. Party bosses, I don’t know if it was Clinton or Cuomo that called him. Maybe it was Torricelli. I don’t know how they’re using him these days, but I can imagine the phone call. (interruption) Well, I know Schumer bullied him, but somebody having a phone call. (doing Clinton impression) ‘Hey, hey, hey, Harold. How you doing, buddy. Heh-heh-heh-heh. You think you actually think, Harold, we’re going to let you run? You couldn’t even hold a cheap little seat in Tennessee. You had Chris Matthews on, you said people were running dastardly ads against you down there and you couldn’t beat Corker, and you think we’re going to let you run for a seat in New York?

‘Harold? Stay at Wall Street, earn your millions. Go back to be pro-life and all that stuff that you are. We’re not going to let you pollute our party anymore. We love you — and, Harold, I heard Rush Limbaugh singing your praises. Ha-ha-ha! You don’t have a prayer, Harold, in our party. I don’t know what you were thinking. Have you heard of Bob Torricelli? Do you know him? I know you know Andrew Cuomo. Ask them. Ask them about me. Don’t think my heart’s slowing me down, Harold. Dooooon’t you think that.’ So after, I’m sure, a phone call somewhat like that, Harold Ford writes a piece. ‘Okay, okay, I’m not going to run because it would help the Republicans.’ In the meanwhile, Republican Party said to have this no ‘big tent’ and no room for its ‘moderates,’ and yet which party is it that throws its moderates overboard and apparently doesn’t have a big tent?

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