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RUSH: Dennis in Phoenix, thank you for waiting, sir. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I love you. Hey, I had an example for you. You’re talking about people that put all their faith in the government. Look at the Post Office. You know, they’ve been going downhill for years. They’re losing volume. What do they do? Nothing. They’re billions of debt. You know, people that want to trust the government, government doesn’t have to operate like private business. A private business is not going to lose billions of dollars. They innovate. They change things. You know, the government will keep doing what it’s doing until there’s no more mail to be delivered.

RUSH: (laughing) I hope to hell that never… Actually that would be kind of nice. Nobody would get any more bills. Ah, they’d come on the Internet.


RUSH: That’s what you mean. Well, look at Obama’s plan to fix this. Look at Obama’s plan to fix it. He’s right. The Post Office is running huge deficits (What government bureaucracy isn’t?) So Obama said, ‘Well, you know what? We’re gonna suspend Saturday delivery, and we might go to the Postal Commission see if we can get an increase in stamps.’ That’s not the Obama business model. Let’s compare the Post Office to our health care circumstance. If Obama’s business model were consistent, in the face of this massive budgetary shortfall at the Post Office what Obama would do would be to expand mail delivery to Sundays, close the Post Office boxes and make sure that everybody’s mail is delivered to their homes from six a.m. to midnight and then he would find 30 million new people to deliver mail to. Well, that’s his recipe for fixing what’s wrong with health care, but for some reason he wants to cut back on one-day delivery on Saturdays.

Here is Jake in Mobile, Alabama, you’re up next on the Rush Limbaugh program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Mega dittos from south Alabama, cold south Alabama.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I wanted to make an observation about why, in the face of all these turn-downs that Americans have given the president and the Democratic Party he keeps marching forward with the health care legislation.

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: I believe that it’s because of you, Rush Limbaugh. I believe that he does not want you to put a notch in your gun about your comment about his policies failing. I’ve analyzed it, I’ve looked at it, and I said, ‘Why does this man keep bringing this issue up when the American people have totally rejected it time and time again over the last eight to ten months,’ and yet here it is again in our face. I just believe that he does not want that thing to fail and you to be able to gloat.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: I think we have you to blame. I think we have Rush Limbaugh to blame for this.

RUSH: Well, of course, and there’s no logical way to dispute or even refute what you’re saying because it’s very clear. One of the things that motivates these people as much as the deal they’re working on is making sure we don’t win, making sure we don’t win.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: No matter what the hell the alternative is, make sure we don’t win.

CALLER: Yes. I agree. I agree.

RUSH: But he doesn’t understand. See, my definition of Obama’s success is failing at something like this. He doesn’t look at it that way. He’s looking at it differently, ’cause his motivation is multifaceted, by the way. It’s not just beating us. Folks, as Mona Charen said it once in a column: ‘This is ballgame’ if Obama gets this. I saw Tom Coburn on TV this morning, and he was asked by a reporter, ‘The polling data for the Democrats on this is so bad, why don’t you let ’em pass it? Just let ’em pass it and they’ll get creamed in November and you can start rolling it back.’ And Coburn said, ‘You got the wrong idea. It’s not that easy to roll stuff like this back. This is an entitlement. You want to try to roll back Social Security? How did that work out?’ So it’s an interesting point. Now Obama is going to offer — and it took 15 people to write this. We finally have the story.

It took fifteen people to write this AP story on Obama including some Republican ideas: Medical malpractice reform and trying to rid the health care system of waste and fraud. But, see, the dirty little secret is, the Republicans are not the ones who’ve stopped this. The people who’ve stopped this are all of us, the citizens of this country who have let everybody know we don’t want it, in no uncertain terms, in so many different ways. The Republicans don’t have the votes to stop this and they never did. Well, they do in the Senate theoretically with Scott Brown now, but if they go reconciliation, we don’t have the votes to stop ’em. We’re back to that. In addition to that, it’s the Democrats who cannot get unified on this. They’ve had supermajority in the Senate, a massive majority in the House and they still can’t get unified on this. Republicans still need to get nowhere near this.

This is nothing more than a little trick to get the Republicans on board with this, but the whole premise hasn’t changed and that is the government running the show. Meaning Democrats running health care, $2.5 trillion dollars of the economy. There’s not one example of them handling anything this big and doing it right and doing it well and having it work out as they said it would before they took over. The whole premise behind this needs to be blown up. The whole premise that government and a bunch of unqualified bureaucrats know best how to run a massive segment of our economy has just got to be obliterated. The premise of this is all wrong. I think the Republicans get that. At least Coburn does because I saw his answer on TV this morning this morning to these various questions about whether or not these ideas Obama’s going to include are going to attract the Republicans. He said, ‘No, no, no, because he’s not changing the basic premise of what he’s doing.’ So we’ll see. And the American people are going to speak up on this as often and as loudly as they have to, and just understand it’s not going to stop Obama. He and the Democrats are totally willing to govern against the will of the people and even lose their majority to get this done.


RUSH: California, Gene, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. Listener since ’88.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Quick question for you. I’m trying to be as gentle as I can. Senator Frank Lautenberg has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. I’m just curious why he couldn’t be a really good example for us and just be given painkillers.


CALLER: As Dr. Obama would prescribe for him, and some end-of-life counseling, maybe.

RUSH: Yeah, I remember that ABC health summit they had. A woman shows up and says, ‘My mother is a hundred years old and wants a pacemaker, would you account for her will to live?’ ‘No, we can’t take into account things like that. In some cases we just have to give ’em a pain kill.’ So you think Lautenberg would be a good test case on this to illustrate —

CALLER: Well, as I recall, Rush, President Obama said a grandmother, you know.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Eighty-four-year-old grandmother, Frank might even be a great-grandfather, who knows.

RUSH: Possibly true.

CALLER: Very, very good example for the Democrats to show us how the way should be in the future.

RUSH: I can’t really object to your logical thinking on this ’cause I would then add, ‘Would some of you please consider a question? Of all the people in the United States of America to be asked a question, ‘Can my grandmother live?’ who the hell is Barack Obama to say give anybody a pain pill? Who is he to be the one to say that? Where’s his medical degree?’ This is unbelievable.

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