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Rush’s Morning Update: Heat
March 3, 2010

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Last week, Senator Jim Bunning, Kentucky Republican, objected to a last-minute $10 billion bill that included yet another round of unemployment benefits, and funding for highway and transit programs. Since then, Bunning has been demonized by the White House, by Democrats, byunion thugs, and the State-Controlled Media for putting people out of workand being coldhearted to the unemployed.

Now, what Bunning actually did was expose a Democrat lie. On the Senate floor, he explained that he is for extending unemployment benefits, and health benefits, and flood insurance, and highway funding, and small business loans,and a host of other goodies tucked in the bill. His only demand is thatall thatbe paid for.

Recently, President Obama made a big show of Democrats passing apaygo bill. Claiming to be fiscally responsible, they promised that any new spending programs would be paid for with money cut elsewhere in the federal budget,but this new $10 billion bill has no such offsets. So Senator Bunning put their lie under a bright spotlight of truth.

Rather than excoriate Bunning, the State-Controlled Media should investigate why, with over $1 trillion in stimulusmoney and pork earmarked for “shovel-ready projects,” the Department of Transportation has laid off over 2,000 federal highway workers waiting for money from yet another pork-infested bill.

I mean, if anybody deserves to be taking heat, it isn’t the one senator demanding fiscal accountability –it’s all ofthose who aren’t.

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