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RUSH: What is it, ladies and gentlemen, that the Democrat Party hates and doesn’t like about black Democrats who run or serve as governor in New York? They just got rid of Paterson. And this is just like Obama got rid of his Senate opponent back in Illinois, dig up some dirt, let the media run with it. In this case the New York Times has now successfully taken out two governors in a row, Client No. 9, Eliot Spitzer, and now Paterson has announced he’s not going to run.

What I don’t understand here is Paterson’s known this has been coming for a long time, and the New York Times has been leaking that they got a big story coming. Obama asked Paterson not to run. Paterson was defiant, said hell with you, I’m running. If you are a black Democrat in New York and you want to be governor, it ain’t going to happen. They’re going to see to it that it isn’t going to happen. They sold out Carl McCall. We had to end up raising money for poor old Carl McCall. So what I don’t understand, Paterson has known this is coming, right? Why didn’t he call Bill or Hillary Clinton to learn how to handle these bimbo eruptions and Troopergate issues? I mean this is a repeat. We got an aide to Paterson roughing up some woman, I guess, rough sex, I mean this is right out of Clinton handbook. The Clintons, my friends, have a wealth of experience and nobody consults with them on this. Now, had Bill or Hillary been consulted earlier in the game, this woulda never caught Paterson off guard. Clinton’s experience with Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey. I mean this is a long, long list. Elizabeth Gracen. The Clintons would be natural consultants.

But then you throw in Troopergate, I mean you can’t go get any better advice than the Clintons. And I don’t think he called ’em. Now, if Paterson is going to bully a woman on behalf of an aide, then for God’s sake do it right. Did anyone consider just killing her cat? Did anybody drag a 100 dollar bill through a trailer park like James Carville said of Paula Jones? I mean this is not reinventing the wheel, Governor Paterson. I’m stunned that you just sat back and let this happen to you. The Clintons a valuable resource to all Democrats, and they’ve been swept under the rug. Don’t give me the Haiti excuse. They’re not stuck down there. Governor Paterson has only himself to blame here. Well, of course George W. Bush, too. Maybe me a little bit.


RUSH: David Paterson is gonna announce here in a minute that he’s histoire, walking the plank for the Democrat Party. I’m going to tell you right now what his real sin was. What do you think it was, Snerdley? Why do you…? It’s not this sex scandal. This is nothing compared to what the Clintons did. Why do you think he’s really out of there? Why? (interruption) Well, why? I know he got the call from the godfather. Why is David Paterson a dead African-American walking? (interruption) No. Well, they might want Cuomo to run, but he didn’t appoint Caroline Kennedy to the Senate. He did not appoint Caroline Kennedy to the Senate.

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