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RUSH: I didn’t know this. CNN every week has a ‘Wingnuts of the Week’ segment, meaning wacko right-wingers, and today I guess it was my turn. Question, with John Avlon, Daily Beast reporter: ‘Take us through some of the seminal events that you say have led up to this moment where we are, where it’s such a big deal to see them getting along around a big table.’

AVLON: Remember, roughly one year ago President Obama was in his honeymoon period, approval ratings near 60%, and Rush Limbaugh said four words that helped turn the tide: ‘I hope he fails,’ and who knew at the time that that ended up would become (sic) a rallying cry for many folks on the Republican side of the aisle?

RUSH: So this guy, whatever you think of him — and he’s trying to portray himself as a ‘centrist’ that analyses extreme wingnuts on each side, but he’s really focusing on right-wing wingnuts and thinks I’m one of them. But at least he’s got this right. There was one person that stood up a year ago and said, ‘This is a disaster. I hope he fails.’ It was indeed I (the nominative usage there being correct).

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