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RUSH: Rick Klein, ABC News, The Note: ‘An old war has a new name. Some old names have some new relevance. And the more things change, the more we hear about change. The mood at the Conservative Political Action Conference gathering — which continues into the weekend in Washington — is decidedly more upbeat than a year ago. And the Bush name, not to mention the (maybe more popular) Cheney one, is back. Yet the energy fueling the gathering remains of a shapeless, sometimes dangerous variety. From the rousing ovations for primary challengers, to a speaker referencing President Obama’s past drug use and deriding homosexuality, to the endless teleprompter jokes (only some of them read off teleprompters), to the general motivating anger that has brought the crowd together — the big tent isn’t exactly pitching itself.’ This is ABC News version of CPAC, and they’re all missing a point. And they will continue to miss it even though I’m going to tell them right now what they’re missing.

And see, the headline here: ‘Strange Brews: Conservatives Unite Over Anger, Not Candidates.’ No, they’re not uniting over anger. They are angry, with every damn right to be. You ought to be angry, Mr. Klein. Your country is going to hell in a handbasket and you’re helping it happen by not calling into question, not examining the people who are doing it. You people in State-Controlled Media are doing everything you can to prop this administration up. You long ago gave up your primary role of speaking truth to power, I believe that’s the phrase. And I think it’s a bunch of lapdog rollovers. You ought to be mad, you ought to be leading the anger, look at what’s being done to this country. Conservatives are uniting over ideas. They are uniting over ideas, Mr. Klein, not people, and not anger, but fear! There is a fear of what is going to happen to this country if this stuff isn’t politically stopped. That’s all that’s motivating these people. Our friends on the left will never, ever understand this no matter how open and honest I am in telling them.

By the way, did Romney give old El Rushbo a shout-out in his CPAC speech yesterday? Well, folks, it is now safe to talk about Obama and failure. You know, I own the words fail, failure, and failed. I mean I’m the one — courageously, I might add — that introduced them into the political world a little over a year ago when it comes to Obama. And here’s the AP story: ‘Republican Mitt Romney is blistering President Barack Obama for a squandered inaugural year filled with policy failures and broken promises. He blames Obama for failing the American people, and said that’s why Democrats will lose their majority come this fall.’ You notice now, my friends, how easy it is for Republicans to start using the word ‘failure’? See how this works? This is called being on the cutting edge. And they’re probably all waiting for my next leadership step to see where I’m going to take them.

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