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RUSH: Yesterday afternoon, PMSNBC, David Shuster talking with the liberal radio host Stephanie Miller, who — well, it was painful. They were talking about Evan Bayh’s retirement and me.

SHUSTER: Does Evan Bayh’s departure from the US Senate mean trouble for the Democrats? Here is Rush Limbaugh’s take.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I continue to marvel at this guy talking about gridlock and the lack of bipartisanship. Senator, your party had 60 seats and you still have 59.

SHUSTER: What about Rush Limbaugh and his argument, look, the Democrats control things, so if Evan Bayh’s complaining, he should be complaining about his own party?

MILLER: Wow. I may be agreeing with Rush Limbaugh for the first time. Clearly there is gridlock but I have to say, I think it’s not just from obstructionist Republicans but also because of some conservative Democrats like Bayh. I think he actually raises a good point.

RUSH: The problem is Bayh is not conservative, but the only reason I play this for you is because I think I told you last week, I think there’s a master plan here. Obama is trying to push me to retire. I mean I’ve said I’m not quitting until everybody agrees with me, and Obama I think may be pushing liberal Democrats in that direction. How else would you explain this?

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